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Amazon and Google will be appearing at the White House event on quantum technologies


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

On Tuesday (Oct. 5), Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are set to attend a Biden administration symposium on quantum technology, as the US government seeks to combat cyber risks and corner a booming growth industry. 

As per the Administration spokesperson, International Business Machines Corp, Boeing, Honeywell, Intel, and Northrop Grumman are also accepted to be seen at the event.

Assistant director for quantum information science at OSTP, Charlie Tahan said “There’s a lot of excitement about quantum computers and quantum sensors, and there’s some hype associated with that.” “But what we really want to get down to what are the applications that a future quantum computer could run that could really benefit our society.”

The technology, which is based on fundamental physics principles, is still in its early stages, but it has become a hot topic among investors hoping to transform healthcare, banking, artificial intelligence, weather forecasting, and other fields.

The administration of President Joe Biden is particularly concerned about the national security implications of quantum technology, which offers the potential to quickly defeat current encryption standards.

China, Washington’s main international adversary, has made major attempts to develop the technology as well.

According to Tahan, the Biden administration also hopes to attract more students to the sector and improve cybersecurity surrounding private research and development to avoid eavesdropping.

Hundreds of millions of dollars have already been pumped into the sector by Congress, including quantum research facilities, and measures presently under discussion may add billions more.

D-Wave, IonQ, ColdQuanta, QC Ware, Rigetti Computing, Quantum Economic Development-Consortium, Vector Atomic, and Zapata will also be present at the White House meeting with the president.

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