HomeUpdateAmazon customers faced issues while trying to access the website yesterday.

Amazon customers faced issues while trying to access the website yesterday.


Last Updated on 13/07/2021 by Riya

Microblogging site Twitter was flooded with hashtags like #amazondown when Amazon shoppers were suddenly unable to access the online shopping website yesterday. On Sunday, the e-commerce website Amazon was hit by a sudden outage, due to the sudden outage, Amazon’s customers and sellers present in many parts of the world had to face difficulty using the website including United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Singapore.

News website ‘Reuters’ has reported the issue. There are about 310 million customers of Amazon all over the world, every day many customers purchase products through Amazon, in such a situation many customers suffered a lot due to the sudden stopped service.However, Amazon fixed the outage within a few hours after the issue was discovered.

Although this is not the first time that users have faced an outage on the Amazon online store, last month in June, Amazon users faced similar issues using Amazon’s platform. However, the reason for the problems of increasing outages in Amazon is not yet known. Amazon employees worked overnight to fix it. The e-commerce website is now back for users.

After recovering from the outage, Amazon issued a statement in which it said that “We tested the website and now it is working fine, customers can use it easily”.It is believed that around 80 percent of users reported their problems on DownDetector after experiencing an outage, over 38,000 customers reported the issues with Amazon’s online store included 15 percent log-in issues and about 5 percent of buyers’ check-out issues.

Whereas approximately 500 users reported issues with the Amazon Web Services. Only in India over 720 reports were found regarding issues with log-in and check-out process.

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