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An Indian Ed-tech company “Byju’s” data has been leaked online.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Indian startup has leaked the important data of the famous Ed-tech company Byju’s. The incident took place at the time when the server of the Start-up becomes unprotected in the absence of a password. However, after complaining to on Tuesday, the server goes offline for a limited period.

Byju’s is a leading ed-tech company, earlier the company has been valued at more than $16 billion in a funding round, hence the data leak of such a prominent company can cause a huge loss to both the company as well as students and staff working in the company. helps Byju’s to build customer relationships and increase customer engagement to the platform.

The data involved the names of the students studied in byju’s as well as the classes they took admission in and, contact details of the parents and teachers working there. Besides this, the server also keeps the data of the white hat. jr a company that has been acquired by the byju’s last year, the data involved comments recorded by teachers about their students as well as copies of emails including codes to reset user accounts at whitehat. jr.

According to the company’s representative “Byju’s is in contact with the and is planning to take proper action against this data leak” In today’s digital era, the number of cyber attack cases is increasing day by day which raises the need for a robust cybersecurity system that helps companies to keep their data safe. Prominent companies like Domino’s, Linked In, and other big companies had also faced the cyber attack issue which is a serious matter and should be solved as soon as possible.

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