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Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 PRO audit; all that you really want to know


Last Updated on 22/02/2022 by Ulka

Anker has figured out how to stand its ground against monster tech rivals by conveying surprisingly good sound and packing highlights into its Soundcore-marked remote earbuds – all while evaluating them lower than the opposition. The Liberty 3 Pros are the most recent illustration of this and an exhibit of how far the organization has come in planning sound items.

At $170, the Liberty 3 Pros are the most developed earbuds in the Soundcore arrangement, with double drivers in each bud, dynamic clamour undoing, remote charging, in addition to additional comforts like multipoint and LDAC support. They offer a strong, rich sound mark that is a bar above something like the Liberty Air 2 Pro, extended battery duration, IPX4 water obstruction, from there, the sky is the limit. They likewise arrive in a scope of shadings, including white, dark, purple, and the dim set I inspected.

Anker Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro review: feature-packed buds - The Verge

To the extent that the ear and wingtips that come in the crate, Anker will in general toss in pretty much everything. With the stemless Liberty 3 Pro buds, you get four of each. With that many measuring choices, tracking down the right fit begins to feel like interaction as you tinker with different blends. Yet, the organization merits recognition for giving a bountiful choice when most significant contenders throw in three sets of ear tips and tap out. However they’re more modest than the earlier Liberty 2 Pros, these earbuds aren’t quite as discrete or minuscule as certain contenders, yet they’re basically not unattractive.

The rock formed accusing case opens of a smooth sliding movement and closes with a delightful thud, thus I end up squirming with it while wearing the Liberty 3 Pros. It’s simple for these cases to feel modest assuming that they have free resistances or open too effectively, yet Anker maintains a strategic distance from those traps. Each earbud has a LED that lights up when they’re appropriately situated for the situation, which upholds remote charging as well as fixing off over USB-C.

Anker makes a lot of enormous cases about sound quality and much of the time says that its Soundcore buds are suggested by 20 Grammy-winning specialists. In truth, they truly do sound very unique – if not generally so refined as our cherished premium picks. One driver handles bass, while the other spotlights on mids and high pitch. The Liberty 3 Pros most certainly have your standard V-molded EQ bend and sound fresh and punchy out of the container. In all honesty, the default bass result was a lot for my enjoyment and excessively boomy when I paid attention to “Quit Making This Hurt” by Bleachers. That track likewise uncovered the Liberty 3 Pro’s periodic propensity for supporting high pitch frequencies into the unforgiving regions. However, you get broad EQ controls on the off chance that you like to dial in your own favoured sound.

Regardless of their help with Bluetooth 5.2, I’ve seen periodic sound patterns over the course of my time utilizing the Liberty 3 Pros. It’s anything but a continuous irritation and just happens once every listening meeting or two. In any case, contenders like Sony, Samsung, and others have gotten significantly more solid as far as association steadiness.

What’s most interesting with regards to the Liberty 3 Pros is that they support both LDAC (Sony’s higher-bitrate remote streaming convention) and multipoint Bluetooth, so you can associate with two gadgets all the while. Not even Sony’s leader 1000XM4 earbuds offer multipoint, however, it’s at long last turning out to be more normal on earbuds other than those from Jabra.

Nonetheless, it’s actually significant that on account of Bluetooth’s transmission capacity constraints, you can’t tune in at LDAC quality and exploit multipoint simultaneously; Anker makes you pick either in the Soundcore versatile application. During the working day, I favoured the accommodation of multipoint. Be that as it may, to capitalize on higher loyalty tracks from Amazon Music, Apple, Tidal, or Qobuz, the LDAC switch isn’t difficult to come by. Simply know that it negatively affects battery duration, cutting the eight hours you get on a charge (with ANC off) down to barely four hours. I got approximately six hours of ceaseless playback with ANC on utilizing the standard AAC and SBC Bluetooth codecs. The charging case holds sufficient juice to re-energize the earbuds multiple times.

Anker keeps on improving at dynamic commotion retraction, yet it’s as yet not on the very level that Sony, Bose, and Apple have reached. The Liberty 3 Pros make a respectable showing calming your environmental factors, however the best clamour dropping earbuds cause it to feel like you hit a quiet button for your general surroundings, and these aren’t there yet. The equivalent goes for straightforwardness mode, which is an improvement over past models yet misses the mark regarding the normal impact you get with the AirPods Pro or Bose’s QuietComfort Earbuds. Those I addressed on Zoom and via telephone said that the Liberty 3 Pros kept my voice sounding intelligible, however foundation commotion on my end sporadically broke into the discussion.


Each savvy gadget currently expects you to consent to a progression of agreements before you can utilize it – gets that nobody really peruses. It’s outside the realm of possibilities for us to peruse and break down each and every one of these arrangements. Yet, we began counting precisely how often you need to hit “concur” to utilize gadgets when we audit them since these are arrangements a great many people don’t peruse and certainly can’t arrange.

You can combine the Liberty Air 2 Pro with your telephone over Bluetooth without consenting to any terms of administration. Be that as it may, to utilize the Soundcore friend application, you’ll need to consent to Anker’s:

Terms of administration

Security strategy

On the off chance that you utilize the HearID capacity to alter the sound profile for your ears, you’ll have to give the application consent to record sound on your telephone.

Last count: no compulsory arrangements, two discretionary arrangements, and one discretionary consent.

The Soundcore application for Android and iOS is fairly swollen and tumultuous; I don’t know who’s requesting a shopping centre area in a buddy application for sound extras. There are a huge load of elements packed in – customized sound profiles, background noise, etc – yet it could utilize some smoothing out and less shabby, in-your-face advancement of other Soundcore items. Utilizing the application is an update that you went with a worth brand, and not positively.

Checking out the entire bundle, the Liberty 3 Pros are phenomenal worth at $170. It’s not difficult to get exclusive focus while looking for earbuds and focus just on the greatest brands. Be that as it may, still up in the air to spend under $200 on another arrangement of earbuds, these Soundcore buds accompany an extensive rundown of highlights, agreeable sound (after some EQ changes), and an agreeable fit, because of liberal pack-ins. They’re not top tier at any a certain something, however excellent in a few classes and a strong purchase.

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