HomeNewsAnother complaint has been filed against Tesla, claiming sexual harassment 

Another complaint has been filed against Tesla, claiming sexual harassment 


Last Updated on 13/12/2021 by Sanskriti

According to Reuters and Business Insider, a second Tesla employee has filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment at work in the last month. Erica Cloud, a Tesla assembly line worker, filed a complaint in California’s Alameda County Superior Court, alleging “continuous and pervasive” sexual harassment at her workplace.

Cloud’s complaint, according to Reuters, says that her manager hugged and massaged her, as well as that she was subjected to her manager’s rude and sexual remarks. Moreover, Tesla is also accused Tesla of failing to take sufficient steps to address potential workplace sexual harassment. After she raised the matter with human resources, Cloud’s bosses are reportedly retaliating against her.

This comes after Jessica Barraza, a Tesla manufacturing associate, filed a complaint alleging “rampant sexual harassment” at the company’s Fremont, CA facility. Barraza’s complaint says that she was sexually harassed at work, including being improperly touched, catcalled, and subjected to sexual jokes. She also claims that her bosses were aware of the harassment and engaged in similar behavior.

Tesla was fined $137 million in October in connection with another incident at its Fremont facility. Owen Diaz, a Black former elevator operator at the firm, alleged he was harassed and discriminated against because of his race. Tesla workers eventually filed a class-action lawsuit accusing the Fremont facility of racism.

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