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Another whistleblower has accused Facebook of misconduct


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After Frances Haugen who came forward and exposed Facebook of their wrongdoings, another whistleblower has come forward and informed US authorities on Friday that the company prioritizes profitability over removing harmful information, the allegations made are quite identical to the previous one’s, says the Washington Post.

Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen published internal papers revealing the business was aware of possible harm generated by its platforms, causing US politicians to resume their quest for legislation.

The latest whistleblower recalls claimed remarks from 2017 when the firm was debating how to handle the crisis over Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US presidential election, stated in the SEC lawsuit.

Tucker Bounds said, “It will be a flash in the pan. Some legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks, they will move on to something else. Meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine,” he is the member of Facebook’s communication team, 

According to the newspaper,on October 13th, the second whistleblower signed the lawsuit, a week after Haugen’s blistering speech before a Senate panel.

Haugen had testified before Congress that Facebook prioritised profits over safety, prompting her to release reams of internal business documents.

According to a recent SEC filing by whistleblowers, Facebook executives consistently undercut attempts to prevent disinformation and other harmful content in fear of angering then-US President Donald Trump or alienating profit-generating users.

Although the company has been the subject of prior firestorms of criticism, this has not resulted in any new US legislation to govern social media. But on the other hand, complaints like these can harm the reputation of the firm and can cause mistrust among the users.

Read the Washington post for detailed information.

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