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Anyone can obtain banking credentials using phishing kits


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While different threat actors have different goals, the majority of them are influenced by profit. Once it comes to money, phishing has been considered the default attack method. Malicious actors may now purchase pre-made phishing kits to ensure an effective attempt.

Phishing kits make it easy for non-technical hackers to adapt to new approaches. These kits comprise a series of tools to assist would-be cybercriminals to create and run their own phishing operations. According to Help Net Security’s study, these phishing kits are advanced and can be leveraged to acquire credit card data, confidential info, and Social Security numbers.

Chase XBALTI, which is designed to attack Amazon and Chase consumers, is among the most famous kits.

Although there are many different types of phishing kits present, they can be categorized as follows depending on their goals and capabilities:

Basic Kit

Basic HTML, PHP, and JavaScript files are offered with the basic kit. The threat actors will need to manually acquire the data after it has been sent to local log files.

Dynamic Kit

The dynamic kit comprises specifically developed code and logic that allows victims to see dynamic information. This can come in the sort of a fictitious consumer banking login webpage or the appearance of company symbols relying on their email address.

Puppeteer kit

Puppeteer kit is designed specifically for acquiring banking data and facilitating real engagement between the hacker and the victim. To avoid OTP warnings, hidden words, and security phone calls, this kit is employed.

Commercial phishing kit

Commercial phishing kits are the most frequently used phishing kit that become offered to customers. The creators of this kit sell them and even offer online stores wherein customers may register, purchase, install, and customize phishing kits.


They are more resemble apps than archive files, and they may be operated on homemade web servers to produce and run fictitious sites instantly.

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