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Apple acquired “Primephonic” to bring classical music to its soon-to-be-release music app


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

As time passes the taste of music has changed, there was a time when classical music was at boom but now many new music genres are added to this list. However, still, some people are struck in that classical music era such kinds of people have to struggle a lot to find their favorite classical songs as while browsing songs on a music app you’ll often find Punjabi, rap, and Bollywood songs you’ll rarely find classical songs.

Although, to cater to the classical music lovers Apple has purchased a Europe-based classical music streaming platform Primephonic. With this acquisition, Apple aims to add a slew of classical songs into its soon-to-be-launch music streaming platform. In the joint statement on this acquisition, Apple announced to take help of Primephonic’s while adding classical songs such as their synopsis, artist-information, and the intrinsics of the app.

Apart from that Apple is also expected to add a Primephonic like user interface to its platform. This deal will lead to the shutdown of the Primephonic streaming platform by September 7. Although, premium subscribers of the streaming app will not have to be worried as their money will be refunded to their original payment method. The existing users of Primephonic will also get a chance to enjoy Apple’s premium services free of cost for 6 months.

In the statement, Primephonic said that “this deal would assist them to reach to global classical listeners as well as to attract more audiences who’re new to classical music”. The company further added that ” it finds Apple the best place to present its efforts next. While talking about the deal amount then let me tell you that no deal amount has been disclosed yet by any of these companies.

Currently, Apple has around 70 million subscribers although with this recent collaboration Apple might be able to expand its subscriber base to 100 million or more in the coming months.

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