Apple has requested iOS 14 users to update their iPhones to avoid being a victim of cyber attack

Amid the launch of its latest iPhone 13 series, Apple urged its users to update their iOS 14.8 in order to fix a security flaw present in the iOS 14. Apple has discovered this security flaw with the help of Citizen Lab security researchers.

Apple has requested iOS 14 users to update their iPhones to avoid being a victim of cyber attack 2

The news gained more attention when a tech tipster, Mac rumour had posted it on its official Twitter account.

The research team claims that the security flaw could be vulnerable to hackers who can lure lawyers, journalists, and activists to install spyware on their devices. The company further discover that the attackers would send users a message with a malicious link including spyware to make a forced entry into the user’s device using the zero-click exploit.

Although spyware tools are mostly used to spy on illegal activities despite they can also be a dangerous tool against government entities, private companies, and popular personalities if used with bad intentions, it can simply steal data, passwords, and activate a phone’s microphone or camera.

Apple has issued complete information regarding the security fixes obtained from the security researchers, and also thanked the Citizen Lab for revealing and fixing the security flaw. Besides this, iOS 14.8, Apple has also unveiled updates for watchOS 7.6.2 and Big Sur 11.6 and urged users to download these updates to safeguard their devices against cyber-attack.

According to some experts, these security flaws would have a bad impact on the sale of Apple’s upcoming iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.


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