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Apple is rumoured to be working on a satellite-enabled iPhone13


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Internet is a significant part of our daily life nowadays, most of the work relies on the internet. Although, still some places exist where the internet connectivity is weak, in such a scenario a satellite internet can work well.

Several companies are working to build a satellite technology that can offer wide internet coverage to people, in this list a new name of apple is added as according to MacRumors, top Apple analyst and forecaster Ming-Chi Kuo is reportedly unveiled that the iPhone 13 would soon update with the ability to perform built-in satellite conversations.

To make this works Apple will incorporate a unique Qualcomm X60 baseband chip, which would allow iPhone 13 to communicate directly to Low Earth Orbit (or LEO) satellites. Whenever we listen to the word LEO satellites Elon Musk’s company Starlink Internet network’s name will start roaming in our minds, which uses satellites in a lower orbit to supply Net to clients while preventing frequent satellite Internet problems, such as excessive latency and outages.

However, apart from Starlink, Immarsat also revealed its intention of combining with 5G terrestrial systems to offer global internet coverage to the users, on the other hand, Hughesnet and OneWeb has also recently teamed up to build a Starlink like technology.

Qualcomm X65 chip is quite popular amongst satellite internet providers due to its fantastic coverage capabilities. One of the greatest examples of this is the recent surge in the stocks of Global star after Qualcomm revealed the capability of the X65 chip to simply be compliant with Globalstar’s Band n53 which have earlier been accepted as a 5G band by the 3GPP.

If this claim is genuine, the X60 will most probably be compliant with another 5G component, which presently covers a wide array of capabilities, such as the ultra-fast but restricted millimeter-wave and the more wide but moderate C-band. LEO 5G might offer assistance in locations that still do not own towers capable of providing other kinds of 5G speed, which would be especially prevalent in villages where 3G and 4G coverage is typically lacking.

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