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Apple is pursuing notable Chinese product leakers ahead of its debut


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

Apple has been the subject of a series of leaks in recent months, some of which have disclosed crucial trade secrets. Kang, a well-known leaker, claimed to have gotten a harsh warning letter from an Apple-affiliated legal firm concerning leaked information on upcoming Apple products that might be traced back to him. The firm is following an internal cleaning procedure, and for some of the leaks, it has resulted in penalties. 

In a post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Kang published the details of the letter received from the US IT giant. According to the letter, such leaks mislead customers because what is revealed is unlikely to be accurate. Lawyers working in favor of Apple have warned that leaking information about forthcoming Apple products might hurt the company and provide competitors an unfair advantage by providing them with access to trade sectors. Kang has had a couple of scoops about Apple goods on his Twitter account. Even when some of the leaks were disguised as riddles, Apple’s monitoring technology was able to trace them down. It’s worth noting that, as later events proved, the vast majority of the disclosures were real. Even though Kang does have a lengthy history of leaking Apple products, including the whole MagSafe for iPhone, iPhone 12 series, and numerous more.

In order to reduce the likelihood of humiliating data breaches, Apple has implemented stringent internal processes aimed at recognizing and filtering out employees who revealed important information and data to unauthorized third parties. Legal actions and certain steps are needed to be taken against those who continue to expose it to rivals and provide inaccurate information to the public.

Since no leaks about Apple’s in-development operating system have surfaced.

It seems that the Internal security measures appear to be working well for iOS 15 — at least for the time being,

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