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Apple Launches iPhone 12 Series


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On October 13, 2020, Apple proudly publicize the launch of its new iPhone Series i.e. iPhone 12 with the other three variants which include iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max at its Virtual Apple Event. All the latest iPhone variants are powered by the upcoming 5G experience along with its advanced technologies that shake out the limitations of the renaissance in technology.

iPhone 12 Pro unfolds a new design and display of Super Retina XDR displays, it is also guarded by the all-new Ceramic Shield cover in the front display which provides high tenability among all the other iPhone models. It is designed with the most advanced and fastest Chip in a Smartphone, i.e. Apple A14 Bionic Chip. It includes the all-new Apple PRO RAW which enhances the photography quality and gives the user more creative command over the photos. It also entitled its Smartphone’s with Dolby Vision Video Experience up to 60 fps. 

Apple Launches iPhone 12 Series 1

The renovated pro camera systems comprise of an Ultra-Wide Camera, a Telephoto Camera with a longer focal length on iPhone 12 Pro Max, and new Wide Angle Cameras to capture lovely and professed – quality pictures and videos in the atmosphere filled with bright or low light.

iPhone 12 Pro Variants also presents a new feature called LiDAR Scanner used to experience the quality of Immersive Augmented Reality and also supports MagSafe feature, which proposed the new models of Apple’s Smartphone with high – powered Wireless Charging along with a new collection of accessories items that are readily connected to iPhone.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available in four different color styles with a finishing of Stainless Steel on the backside. It includes Graphite, Silver, Gold, and Pacific Blue. 


Apple Launches iPhone 12 Series 2
  • iPhone 12 Mini – 64 GB – Rs. 69,900

                               128 GB – Rs. 74,900

                               256 GB – Rs. 84,900

  • iPhone 12 – 64 GB – Rs. 79,900

                     128 GB – Rs. 84,900

                     256 GB – Rs. 94,900

  • iPhone 12 Pro –  128 GB – Rs. 1,19,900

                               256 GB – Rs. 1,29,900

                               512 GB – Rs. 1,49,900

  • iPhone 12 Pro –  128 GB – Rs. 1,29,900

                               256 GB – Rs. 1,39,900

                               512 GB – Rs. 1,59,900

Now we’ll analyse all its specifications in detail:

  • 5G Experience of Superior Quality

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will bestow the user an advanced 5G Experience through its smartphones to all over the world, designed with seamless unification of world-class hardware and software. They splurge on the improvement of better internet speeds for faster downloads and uploads, streaming high-quality video services and gaming interaction, real-time interplay through the different community on high definition, etc. iPhone 12 Pro models also contains a Special Feature called Smart Data mode, which increases the battery life of the Smartphone by prudentially estimating the 5G needs and also balances out the usage of data, data speed in real-time.

  • A14 Bionic Chip: Strong and Efficient

A14 Bionic Chip is the fastest and most efficient chipset used in Apple’s Smartphone industry. Due to this, it has the fastest CPU and GPU, which is 50% faster than its competing Smartphone Chip that offers the user console-based gaming quality in the Smartphone, Powerful quality of photographs, spectacular Battery life, and much more.

  • Fresh Design and Innovative Display Technologies

The iPhone 12 Pro models are framed up with premium equipment and boast a fresh, refined flat –edge design with an aristocratic stainless steel strap which is paired with a matte glass back and also familiarize the user with the Stable Ceramic Shield. The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max provides tellingly larger, edge-to-edge displays with diminished boundaries. iPhone 12 Pro consists of a 6.1-inch display and the iPhone 12 Pro Max consists of a 6.7-inch display screen. It also highlights the display with Super Retina XDR Display with better color and texture disposition and color purity in the display. 

iPhone 12 Pro Max offers the spacious display ever on an iPhone and it also has the best resolution having around 3.5 million pixels for an extraordinary viewing experience. All the iPhone 12 Pro models come with a rating of IP68 that can be submerged in water up to 6 meters but still, it works nicely in water for around 30 minutes and is also secured with daily spills of water, coffee, soda, etc. 

  • Multilateral Pro Camera System 

With the association of the new Image Signal Processor (ISP), A14 Bionic drivers enhance the quality of the image and constitute powerful computational photography abilities that aren’t thinkable to be done by the stuffy cameras. iPhone 12 Pro Models also feature a new specification called as Apple PRO RAW, which connects Apple’s multi-frame image technology and computational photography technique with the fluctuation of a RAW outlay. 

It consists of the new seven-element lens Wide Camera with an aperture of f/1.6, is the fastest Wide Camera ever on an iPhone. The Ultra-Wide Camera with a sight view of 120 degrees in the field is perfect for taking beautiful scenic views in astonishing landscapes and magnificent spots. It also contains a TelePhoto Camera of 52 mm focal length, which is best for portraits photos and also brings out the optical zoom limit up to 4x.

iPhone 12 Pro Max takes the level of Cameras to another extent. The new Wide Camera having the aperture of f/1.6 swanks 47% larger camera sensors with 1.7-micrometer pixels for a vast 87% reformation in low-light circumstances. It also includesthe broad Ultra Wide Camera along with a Telephoto Camera with a focal length of 65 mm that helps in to enhance ductility with nearby shots. Also offers the extent of 5x optical zoom in this Camera System.

Night Mode Time-lapse conveys longer exposure time for faster video with preferable light trails and sleek exposure in low – light scenes when it is used with tripods. All the iPhone 12 Pro Models are provided with the finest video quality in a Smartphone and also are the first cameras or device in a Smartphone to be able to utilize end-to-end Experience in an HDR video with Dolby Vision, up to 60 fps, and also contain better video immobilization to produce cinematic – grade video quality. 

  • Realistic Augmented Reality and Amazing Camera Experiences

It introduces a new segment in all the iPhone 12 Pro variants called LiDAR Scanner which has the skill to measure light distance and utilize pixel depth knowledge of a visual. This technology carries faster and more realistic Augmented Reality experiences and renovates autofocus technique by 6x in low – light visuals for more precision and diminished capture time in images and videos. This developed hardware system is assorted with the strength of the Neural Engine of A14 Bionic chip, and also unpacks Night mode portraits.

  • New Accessories from MagSafe 

MagSafe reforms wireless charging for a preferable and more accomplished experience .It contains an array of magnets throughout the wireless charging coil. Consumers can also look forward to Magsafe Accessories from third-party Manufacturer. Magsafe Charger and Magsafe Duo Charger can also be used with Apple Watch as well as on iPhone by just readily placed it onto the backside of the iPhone.

  • iOS 14 – The heart of the iPhone

iOS 14 conveys the reimagined experience of the iPhone with new styles to Customize the Home Screen. Nicely redesigned widgets reckon with the seasonable knowledge at a glimpse and can be pinned in multiple sizes on any Home Screen Page. The App Library is a new center that personally organizes all the user’s apps into one simple and easy to control view. 

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