Apple responds in front of the EU against all the allegations of “Unfair play of competition”

Apple responds in front of the EU against all the allegations of "Unfair play of competition" 2
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EU antitrust authorities have accused Apple of exploiting its supremacy in the music streaming industry by enforcing restrictive laws, the first of four cases that could result in a hefty fine and improvements to the company’s lucrative business model.

As Spotify goes on to present its fight against Apple, the allegations were vehemently denied by Apple, in front of the EU regulators, that it was unfairly using its App Store to squeeze out music streaming competitors.

An Apple spokesperson says that Spotify just wants to reap “all the benefits of the App store but don’t think they should have to pay anything”. Furthermore adding to it he says the case presented to the EU was ” the opposite of fair competition. “

Previously, Apple was caught up in a major court battle with Epic Games Inc., the creator of “Fortnite”. It argued that Apple’s dominance of the App Store is being abused for anti competitive purposes.

Amidst this phase of controversial cases, Apple had in fact, denied to be present in front of the Senate for the previous hearings and had received backlash for the same from the EU Regulators.


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