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Asus has teamed with Flipkart to deliver cheap and innovative product lines in India, giving users a fresh perspective.


Last Updated on 17/10/2021 by Riya

Asus and Flipkart have established a strategic agreement to introduce new product lines in India that are supposed to be “cheap” and “convenient.” The first collection of the latest products will be introduced on Thursday, July 15th, according to the Taiwanese company. Flipkart is very excited to collaborate with Asus, recently in a statement, Flipkart’s Senior officer Ajay Veer Yadav stated “Flipkart, India’s native e-commerce platform, aims to satisfy customers’ changing needs with its product range and safe and hygienic delivery throughout the nation”

“The release of a new line of its products focused at facilitating online connectivity to millions of Indians I’m pleased to continue this relationship forward.” He further added. Although neither Asus nor Flipkart have revealed any information regarding the release, it is expected that the upcoming product would contain an Asus Chromebook. Asus and Flipkart had previously collaborated to introduce new smartphones and Windows laptops in India.

In a statement, Asus announced the relationship with Flipkart will result in a variety of new products built using in-house engineering, R&D, and design skills to extend the company’s devotion to the Indian marketplace. Flipkart has built a separate microsite to promote the July 15 launch. According to a picture on the microsite, the new items will primarily cater to the demands of those who work and study from home and will have access to the Google Play store. Asus is also focusing on introducing innovative products to the market at reasonable rates.

In the global market, Asus has a number of Chromebook variants. However, none of these models have yet been imported to India by the company. During Covid19 many people have switched to work from home, which enabled Chromebooks to grow as a successful model around the world. As per the Canalys, global Chromebook deliveries in the fourth quarter of 2020 surpassed 11 million units.

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