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Because of a cyber attack, the Canadian government is doubtful how many of its staff are double vaxxed


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Due to the recent cyber attack, the Canadian administration is unsure about the exact number of employees who are double-vaccinated in the country. However, as per Health Minister John Haggie, the higher number of people are double vaxxed to date.

Due to the 30 October’s cyber attack health administration system was down due to which staff were unable to collect the data of all double vaxxed employees and were instructed to accomplish other important tasks.

All personal-care homes, schools, child-care providers, commissions, boards, and agencies are mandated for their employees to be fully vaccinated.

Hence, in such circumstances having less data will curb the employees to resume work which adversely impacts them financially because it is believed that the employees would be directed to go to unpaid leave by the government or private sectors in the absence of the Vaccine pass.

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