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10 Best Laptops for MBA and Marketing Students


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It is great to know that the creative horizons of students have broken limits, now the use of laptops does not only limit to regular studies but also has extracurricular activities to do so. Here in this article, you will be getting the list and review of the Best laptops for MBA and marketing students.

Laptops are very essential for an MBA student or a business student as they can type their Notes immediately, it is a safe mode of organizing and keeping the documents. These electronic notes may not get damaged and lost as compared to paper notes.

You will be astonished to know that typing makes writing activity faster and it also processes your grammar and increases your skills. Laptops help you increase your connectivity with people and make the world accessible. But from these group studies, group discussions can be made better through a laptop as collaboration is easy, it is easy to share documents between group members. Nowadays generally students stay away from their homes so a laptop is a way to stay in touch with their loved ones.

A business laptop requires a long-lasting battery life so that you can carry it up to a day-long to college. It should be portable with a 13-14 inch screen. Though it should not be delicate. The laptop should yield high performance with the power bank Microsoft system and efficient camera quality.

Overall we can say that a business student needs a long-lasting high-performance laptop along with various extraordinary features. There should be a feature of gaming too, in case you get bored with your college work. It’s always good to read laptop reviews before buying laptops so here is a list of 10 laptops that fit the life of a business and marketing student.

Top 10 Best Laptops for MBA & Marketing students

1. APPLE MACBOOK PRO  – best laptops for MBA and marketing students(Mac OS)

Macbook Pro (best laptops for mba and marketing students)
(best laptops for MBA and marketing students)

There is nothing better than Apple and the MacBook Pro proves it. It has a Macintosh operating system with a 1.6 GHz 8th generation Intel dual-core i7 Processor. The storage capacity is 512GB and has 16 GB RAM. Marketing students have lots of work related to photo editing and cropping customizing, and these applications acquire large space in laptops hence 512GB is appropriately sufficient.

Apart from this the MacBook Pro also uses Intel UHD graphics 630. It has a 15-inch screen with a Backlit retina display. Apple MacBook Pro is a class with its sleek look and magnificent features. The laptop generally Weighs 4LBS, Which is easy to carry.  It also enables the student to log in using their fingertips which is again easy. The video quality of the MacBook Pro is good. It has an excellent battery life with super-fast performance. It is expensive but it is one of the best laptops for marketing students.

2. HP ENVY X360 – Best laptop for MBA and marketing students(Windows OS)

Best laptop for MBA students
Best laptop for MBA students

This laptop falls second on the list because of its vibrant features. It is a slim sleek design. It has a 13 inch Screen. You can consider it as a two-in-one laptop with nine hours of video playback. It has a long-lasting battery life to work on your project. It is configured with AMD Ryzen 3500 CPU along with 8GB of RAM. It can be converted into a tablet which makes it easier for students to carry. It has a USB type C socket and it weighs around 1.7 kg. The speaker quality is awesome.

The laptop has an Intel core i5-I7 processor and storage capacity starts from 256 GB to 1TB. It is one of the best-performing laptops. It also has a built-in fingerprint reader and a Webcam. It provides you with a three-sided micro H display and a backlit keyboard. The audio system of the laptop is by bang and Olufsen. It is a dream laptop for an MBA student. It Cost around Rs.70, 000 on Amazon.

3. DELL XPS 13 9360

DELL XPS 13 9360

There is a brand that is known for its durability and sturdiness. XPS 13 9360 has excellent features with the eighth-generation Intel Core i5 7200U Processor. It has a 13.3-inch screen with a 4K Ultra HD infinity edge touch display. It has 8GB of RAM and Intel HD 620 graphics. The laptop storage is 128GB which is sufficient enough. It comes with a USB type C thunderbolt three-port, USB 3.0 port, and many others. The laptop weighs 1.2 kg. It has a battery life of 6-7 hours. It is available on the touch screen as well as non-touch. The price of this laptop is Rs. 85,450 on Amazon.


lenovo thinkpad x1

This laptop is one of the lightest and the slimmest laptop with a unique design. It is extremely stylish with Intel core i7 processor. It has an inbuilt 512GBSSD card. It has 16GB RAM Making it a multitasking laptop. It has a 14-inch display screen with HD glossy experience.

The laptop weighs 1 KG which is very easy to carry. It has an integrated USB see thunderbolt three-port and four in one micro SD card reader. It is attractive and has a lightweight design with excellent performance. It also has excellent battery life. The laptop costs Rs.1, 60,000 on Amazon.

5. BMAX 13.3″ Windows 10 Pro Laptop Computer, Celeron 4020(up to 2.8GHz), 128GB Storage, 6GB DDR4, Expandable 1TB SSD, 1920 x 1080, HDMI, USB 3.0, WiFi, Bluetooth

10 Best Laptops for MBA and Marketing Students 1

BMAX 13.3″ Windows 10 Pro Laptop is a laptop much needed for an MBA student. It has a clean and vibrant display With sufficient battery life. It has A screen display of 13.3 inches with a great display. It is classy, sleek, and attractive. It has an eighth-generation Intel Core i5-I7 processor along with NVidia GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5. It has RAM of 6 GB as per the efficiency. The storage capacity is 512GB.

BMAX 13.3″ Windows 10 Pro Laptop can easily be turned into tent mode like HP Pavilion. It is the most advantageous laptop with a very simple look it may cost you around $269 on Amazon. The laptop weighs around 2.80 lbsand has a 12-hour battery usage. This laptop heats up while playing heavy games.

6. APPLE MACBOOK AIR – best laptop for marketing student

best laptop for marketing student
best laptop for marketing student

it is a 6-pack power lifted dressed for its sleek and durable features as a ballerina. The new MacBook Air model, equipped with an 8th Gen Intel Core i5, UHD 617 Intel Graphics, 256 GB storage, and 8 GB RAM, is an upgrade over its older versions.

This laptop sports a Retina Display for business students, a stunning 4 million pixels jam-packed onto a 13″ screen. It will show perfectly crisp text and vivid colors particularly recommended for business students because they work mainly with too many videos, texts, and graphs. It will, in turn, be useful to them.

Apple’s MacBook Air has 2 Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports supported by Thunderbolt, USB-C 3.1 2nd Gen port, and monitor port.it has a robust and lightweight laptop is almost everybody’s dream, and since MacBook Air weighs 2,7 lbs, Apple has made it possible. This laptop is bundled with an embedded fingerprint scanner that allows students to log in password-less, and also allows them to pay more easily via Apple Pay. It comes with 12 hours of battery LIFE. it is a perfect choice and one of the best laptops for marketing students.

7. ASUS VIVOBOOK – Best Laptop for Marketing executives

Best Laptop for Marketing executives
Best Laptop for Marketing executives

This model has a 15.6-inch screen display and provides a full HD resolution and a color feature of 100 Percent sRGB. Students can watch movies with outstanding color accuracy, and play videos. It’s a great laptop for students in marketing and business. Powerful Intel Core i7 8550U which handles more difficult tasks with ease.

This notebook has GeForce MX150 with 2 GB GDDR5 VRAM when it comes to playing sports.  Students with relatively high frame rates per second should expect to play low to moderate games.  Ideal for business students to work on a lot of texting. The keyboard is perfect to click on and with a travel space of 1.4 mm between keys.

Asus Vivo Book is 0.3 lighter than that of the Apple MacBook Pro. Has Type A USB 2.0 built into HDMI ports. It has a battery life of 9 hours. the storage will range from 256GB SSD to 1TB HDD. it costs around Rs.63,000 on Amazon.

8. HP SPECTRE X360 13-T

10 Best Laptops for MBA and Marketing Students 2

This laptop is a beauty with brains. it is a touch screen with elegant features, it is sleek and stunning. The display size is 12″ and for MBA students the 1080p interface is an excellent one. The system flaunts an amazing HD panel, featuring the HD Active Stylus pen, Thunderbolt 3 support, and a backlit touch screen.

Containing 16 GB DDR3 ram and 512 GB SSD, it is equipped with an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and 4GHz processing speed. This feature means that this laptop can multitask even heavy applications without slowing down the performance of the laptop.

The Intel Core i7-8550U Spectre x360 CPU blazes easily and is great for multi-tasking. The Intel Core i7-8550U Spectre x360 CPU blazes easily and is great for multi-tasking. It weighs around 1.2 Kgs. it has a battery life of 7 hours. It costs around Rs.1, 60,000 on Amazon, it’s expensive but worth a class.

9. LENOVO YOGA 710 – Best multipurpose laptop for marketing students

LENOVO YOGA 710 - Best laptop for students and general usage
Best multipurpose laptop for marketing students

It is a 2 in 1 laptop which costs around Rs.70, 000 on amazon. It has a 15.6 “IPS touchscreen monitor with excellent color accuracy and high viewing angles. The Yoga 710 combines a 256 GB Hard memory, an Intel Core i5-7200U CPU, and 8 GB DDR4 ram. The cherry on top of this computer is the Intel HD Graphics 620, offering cool graphics; however, from this graphics card business students can’t expect higher. It has an incredibly accurate multi-touch 10-point screen and is backlit. it can turn into tablet mode when needed. Lenovo Yoga 710 comes with a fingerprint reader and business students can encrypt all their data without having to think about the passwords and credentials It has a 9-hour battery life with 256 GB storage capacity.

10. ASUS CHROMEBOOK FLIP – best laptop for marketing students

ASUS CHROMEBOOK FLIP - best laptop for marketing students

Chrome book is a Google-built laptop that runs Google Chrome and other Google apps. It can be used while students are connected to the Internet.  The Asus Chrome book Flip sports a sleek and compact style with a 12.5 “touchscreen covered by Gorilla Glass, an all-metal package, and a Chrome Operating System.

This model is built with m3-6Y30, 64 GB of Intel Core Flash Storage, and 4 GB of ram. This could make it comparable to other laptops with similar sizes of memory. It is a portable notebook and can rotate a complete 360 degrees to turn the tablet device from a desktop. The transition is assumed to be seamless and glitch-free. it has 10-hour battery life. The Chrome book offers internet speeds up to 3 times faster than 802.11n. The C302 has a Bluetooth 4.0 power-efficient allowing students to easily exchange or transfer files to fellow Business Majors.it weighs around 1.2 KGs and costs Rs. 48,000 on Amazon.


As an MBA student, it is very hard to maintain a life with time. Time is a very big and important commodity and if you are an MBA student, or graduate it is for sure that you don’t have much time, so one would need a laptop which could be fast and responsive and would all the job is done, which usually includes surfing the net, making a presentation and many more. If you are into programming being an MBA student then I would suggest you go for Apple Macbook Pro.

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