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Top 10 Best Smart Fridge in USA


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Refrigerators have become a necessity nowadays. All the males either it is breakfast; healthy lunch and dinners depend upon the refrigerator. Hence getting a refrigerator is a big deal. Various factors are to be considered while purchasing a refrigerator it may include configuration, dimension or some features And the price. As per the general say smart refrigerators are expensive.

Having a refrigerator in the House makes food store more hassle-free and convenient. The eminent feature of smart Rich is the temperature control setting and notifications. Sometimes these refrigerators can also make shopping lists and draw attention to words the expired food. Yes, this is something new and interesting too. So here is a guide helping you on how to buy a smart fridge and 10 best smart fridges in USA.


There are various features in a smart fridge but the most important ones are listed below –

Compatible space

The refrigerator must have enough space to store all the foods and drinks. It must have space to store Bottles and large boxes. It is good to always go for more compartments even if you don’t need them.

Water and ice dispensers

This is a common feature of most of the smart fridge. Most of them have water and ice dispensers where you push a button and water or ice comes out as simple as that.

Temperature control

In today’s changing atmosphere, temperature control is an essential need of every refrigerator. Individual compartments must have independent temperature control systems. It makes it easier to store things.

Humidity control

Most of the good smart fridge has a humidity control system which is very necessary. If you store dry food then there should be less humidity whereas fruits and vegetables or other fresh fruits need more humidity.

Rapid cooling system

At Times there is a need for instant cooling, the smart fridge has the feature of rapid cooling or power cooling which rapidly chills your food items. It is generally used for quickly chilling the beverages.


This is one of the interesting features, why would a refrigerator require Wi-Fi? It’s very simple nowadays refrigerators provide you with recipes, shopping list, details about the expired food, temperature control inside and various other notifications which can only be received when we have a Wi-Fi connection.


There are many fridges which have personal assistants like amazon’s Alexa. It allows you to play music, make a shopping list and a lot more.


Most of the good smart fridge comes with a built-in speaker way you can play music or listen to the podcast. It is very necessary to enjoy in the kitchen except just cooking.


In most of the smart refrigerators come with a touchscreen system, where you can set food expiration date, leave notes, upload pictures and set temperature.

Adjustable shelves 

Most of the fridge comes with adjustable shelves, this helps in making space whenever needed. If there’s a party in your house, can remove the shells and keep large containers of food.


Nowadays most of the smart refrigerators produce a lot of noise so while purchasing a refrigerator keep in mind that the fridge does not make noise.


This is one of the most essential elements. Choose the model which has smooth and curvy handles, so that it feels good in opening the smart fridge. Some fridges come without handles and instead have grooves on the sides of the door.


New generation refrigerators are a desire of every household so there are a few things that must be considered while purchasing a refrigerator-


You need to look whether you need side-by-side, top freezers, bottom freezers as per your choice and preference. Side-by-side is required less space for doors to open, but you need to bend down to find food from the fridge and the freezer. Bottom freezers are French models that are compatible at eye level. Apart from this top freezers cost less but it makes you bend in search of food. Lastly, French doors are a combination of side by side and bottom type fridges.


Finding a refrigerator that fits in your Space is a big deal. So you need to purchase a freezer along with the layout of your kitchen. Sometimes the mix match cost you expensive.


Stainless steel refrigerators are one of the most popular because of their sleek and elegant look but there are a few people who prefer white or black refrigerators. These can be designed as per your kitchen look. Nowadays the refrigerators are fingerprint-resistant.


The fridge can have internal doors, a large number of shelves, bottle stands, and separate fridge for bottles of wine, adjustable shelves, adjustable freezers, humidity control, meat drawers and many more things that help keep the food safe. If you are buying a fridge, you need to check out all these features because it’s a one-time investment. it can have water and ice dispensers, with the temperature control system and convertible technology. Rapid cooling is also an essential feature. It can have assistants, speaker and touch screen.



SAMSUNG FAMILY HUB 2.0 - best smart fridges in usa

This falls first on the list because of its exotic features and voice command facility. It is a very beautiful and spacious high-end fridge with a window and ice dispenser. It is a French door design and is available in a black or dark grey metallic finish. It makes your kitchen look very smart and classy.

There is enough space to store chunks of food. It has a 21.5 inch LCD screen which enables tracking diets, grocery lists, notes, and messages. Also when the doors are closed the internal cameras take a snapshot of food is kept in it and display it on the screen. It is one of the best fridges to buy today.

Dimensions70 X 35.8 X 35.6 inches
Fridge capacity16.2 CU.FT.
Freezer capacity8CU.FT
Water filterno
Integrates withSamsung smart things.


  • It is much more affordable as compared to others.
  • It has a very large responsive screen.
  • It provides you with good applications.
  • It has internal camera technology.
  • It comes with an excellent smart home integration.


  • The fridge is very loud as compared to others.
  • Limited connections.

The smart fridge may cost you around $2297.



This is one of its kind with a built-in water heater and effective water filtration. You can also make coffee in it. It comes with an intelligent design, top-notch smart features, and temperature control settings. The different technology used here is the keurig water heater.

The fridge is very spacious and can store dozens of food. Because of the twin series technology, the fridge and the freezer maintain different temperatures without affecting each other. It also has turbo cool technology. It comes up with LED lights and speakers.

Dimensions70 X 35.8 X 36.3 In.
Fridge capacity18.6 CU.FT
freezer capacity9.2 CU. FT.
Water filteryes
Integrates withAmazon Alexa


  • It has a built-in water heater.
  • It has separate temperature controls for the fridge and the freezer.
  • It has a very advanced water filter.
  • It comes with a turbo cooling feature.
  • The schedule can be set through Alexa.


  • Water heater placement is awkward.
  • The water heater doesn’t work properly.

The smart fridge may cost you around $3266.



This refrigerator comes with an elegant and sleek design along with an ice dispenser. It is a large one and comes in five different colors. The doors are deep and the freezer has multiple compartments. The shelves are adjustable. The airflow management keeps things fresh and healthy. There is a system that provides the refrigerator with fresh air avoiding bad smells.

The fridge also comes with an airtight crisper bin to keep the vegetables fresh. It comes with Amazon Alexa support and works on your smartphone. You can command the fridge regarding the door status; turn on the icemaker, just the temperature and also change the settings.

Dimensions68.9 X 3 5.8 X 30.9 inches
Fridge capacity16.1 CU.FT
Freezer capacity7.9 CU.FT
Water filterno
Integrates withAmazon Alexa


  • It is a well organised smart fridge.
  • It comes with great cooling and air filtration to avoid the smell.
  • It is well integrated with Amazon Alexa.


  • Week customer support

The fridge may cost you around $2800



LG is one of the top brands in electronics. This fridge comes with a door-to-door feature. It just requires a tap on the glass and seeing what is good inside the refrigerator instead of peEking inside. The fridge comes with a print-resistant stainless steel finish along with the glass door on the right side. You just need to open the glass door to have access to the shelf space. It has a cold save panel that divides the door shelves from the rest of the fridge.

The fridge comes with large sliding shelves and an additional glide and access compartment. Originally the fridge only supported Google Assistant now also supports Amazon Alexa. It can learn various applications and the smart ThinQ application is the hub.

Dimensions70 X 35.8 X 30.1 inches
Fridge capacity15.6 U.FT
Freezer capacity7.9 CU.FT
Water filterYes
Integrates withGoogle Assistant and Amazon Alexa


  • It has Door in Door feature which makes it unique.
  • It is spacious.
  • It supports Alexa and google assistant.


  • The items in the door shelf have an inconsistent temperature.
  • The Control Panel and the actual temperature differ.



Okay, this falls fifth on the list because of its unique manufacturing style and easy access. It has many draws along with a French door design. It is an inexpensive fridge with various features to store food and keep them hassle-free. It comes with LED touchscreen control and an ice maker with an extra drawer. It has a smudge-resistant stainless steel exterior look. It is extremely spacious and can store tons of food.

The fridge has to tired system of wire shelves and then plastic Dividers. The LED panel provides you with freezer temperatures, current setting and many more controls. It is one of the best fridges to buy today.

Dimension70 X 35.6 X 34.8 In.
Fridge capacity17.8 CU.FT
Freezer capacity6.7 CU.FT
Water filterno


  • It is very affordable and has many features.
  • It has separate drawers.
  • It can store large utensils and cans.
  • It has versatile water and ice dispenser.


  • The icemaker is heavy.
  • The door opening alert is slow to respond.

The smart fridge may cost you around $1900.

6. Samsung RF23M80270DT

Samsung RF23M80270DT

This is a modern-looking strong performing smart fridge with plenty of space and unique features. It is a French door refrigerator with Tuscan stainless steel. it has a very sleek style and out of filling water picture. It has unit temperature controls and a drawer beneath the fridge that separates the compartments.

Dimensions70 X 35.8 X 29.3 inches
Total Fridge capacity22.6 CU.FT


  • Foldable and retracting shelves.
  • Plenty of space to store foods
  • Very quiet
  • Attractive light technology
  • Easy to clean


  • Creates less amount of ice.
  • No external door handles
  • Is not compatible with Alexa or Google

The smart fridge may cost you around $2400



This Maytag style is the one to beat for a strong fridge without a hefty price tag. It has slide-out shelves with fans, and integrated water and ice dispenser. In our checks, refrigerator and freezer periods were kept steady and door shelves were cold enough to store dairy safely.

Dimension30 6X 70 X 35 inches
Total Fridge capacity24.7CU.FT
Water dispenserYes


  • It has extraordinary features as compare to the others.
  • It is very spacious and can store lots of food.
  • The freezer is well designed with controllable temperature.
  • It has a very unique and sleek design.


  • The smart fridge makes noise, creating a disturbance.

The smart fridge Cost you around $1600.

8. GE’s Cafe French door refrigerator

GE’s Cafe French door refrigerator

Due to the particularly sleek and versatile nature, GE’s new series of refrigerators stand out. Pick a matt white or black frame, then choose from polished bronze, brass, chrome, or stainless steel handles. The counter-depth of this layout, so it will go flat with the cabinetry of your kitchen, and you can adapt the bar handles to your cabinet pulls. The French-door Café model is fitted with an internal water dispenser and also has Wi-Fi.

Dimensions36 x 70 x 31 inches
Total fridge capacity23.1 CU.FT.
ice makeryes


  • It has a very unique design.
  • It can store lots of food with foldable shelves.
  • The fridge comes with LED lights.
  • Great value for the price


  • The freezer is not frost-free.
  • The compressor is noisy.

The smart fridge costs around $3100.



It is a kitchen-friendly device which stainless steel three-door system. It has enough storage capacity but not as much as compared to the others. It comes with smart LED light pink technology along with dual air cool technology to maintain temperature.

Dimensions30 6X 20 5X 70
Total fridge capacity20.7 CU.FT
Super freezeryes
Super coolYes


  • It has excellent lightening system.
  • It also comes with flash installation.
  • The food stays fresh for a longer period.
  • It has a very sleek and beautiful look


  • The capacity is less hence food storage is also less.



It is a smart and clever fridge with user-friendly technology. It comes with two sensors that work independently and help in monitoring both the compartments. At times if you place a warm plate in the fridge active smart will work to lower the temperature back to the original level. It has a humidity control feature to protect fruits and vegetables. Shells are adjustable and it also has a built-in water dispenser. It is a stainless steel fridge with a very modern look.

Dimensions20 9X 30 3X 69 in.
Total fridge capacity17.1 CU.FT
Water dispenserYes
LED lightingyes


  • The food stays fresh for a longer period.
  • It has adjustable shelves.
  • It is durable to send a one-time investment.


  • It does not have an ice maker.
  • The capacity of the fridge is less as compared to all the others.
  • The sides are not made up of stainless steel


As per my opinion, the best fridge Dubai is Samsung family have 2.0 because of its excellent features and a 21.5 inch LCD responsive screen which can help you make a grocery list and provide you with notifications. Apart from this, you can also purchase the LG instaview thinQ fridge which has a Touch of glass and is supported by Google Assistant as well as Alexa. These two are the best Smart fridge that you can buy today.

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