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BlackCat, a new ransomware variant has been discovered in the wild


Last Updated on 14/12/2021 by Riya

Following its launch last month, details have surfaced regarding the first rust-based Ransomware outbreak detected in the wild, which has already amassed a number of people from various nations.

The cyber hunter group revealed the ransomware known as black cat last month. Victims have the choice of paying using Bitcoin or Monero. In a series of tweets explaining the filing crypting malware also appears to be providing passwords to middlemen for talks, the researchers claimed.

BlackCat, a new ransomware variant has been discovered in the wild 1

Black cat, including several more other variants before it, runs as a RaaS wherein the core developers acquire affiliate programs to violate company ecosystems and encrypt files prior to hacking the files in a double extortion attempt to push the thresholds into reimbursing the demanded sum of money or risk having the hijacked data exposed if the company failed to pay up.

It was an advanced Ransomware attack, according to security expert Michael Gillespie. In a parallel study of a black cat, the South Korean cyber security firm s2w clarified that the Ransomware performs its suspicious attacks by referring to an internal configuration identical to another raw s program, drawing comparisons to black matter, another Ransomware that arose from the ruins of the dark side in July.

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