Bean bags, how can we miss them? 

These are fluffy pouches, quite large to sit on. Well, we can say that you can dive into these, which makes you feel much more comfortable than sitting on a hard stuffed chair or a big couch. Bean bag is a resemblance to a modern house and becomes the comfiest spot for a lazy day. 

What Is A Bean Bag?

A bean bag is nothing more than a sealed bag usually filled with lots of tiny polystyrene bean bag beans. In the 1970s, bean bags became hugely popular as furniture; however, they fell out of favor in the ’80s due to the lack of original designs. From the late 90’s up until today, these products are back in fashion and now are sheer popular with all age groups.

The boom was possible because of new ergonomic patterns, updated manufacturing techniques, new colors, and materials, or fashionable styles and shapes. Some materials are waterproof, some are water-resistant, some are fade-resistant, and there are lots of other features that help bean bags to increase in popularity each day.

What To Look For When Shop A Bean Bag Chair

Choosing your bean bag is certainly not an easy task. You shouldn’t pick the first one you see just because it looks so cool. There are plenty of things to consider.


Bean bag chairs come in several shapes, albeit the most common are round and oval. Some bags have a more defined shape. Square bean chairs have shaped cushions and sometimes even armrests. Bean chairs made for children could come in unique shapes such as animals or sports gear.


Chairs that are 30 inches or smaller are best for kids, those between 30 and 54 inches are better for teens and adults, and chairs larger than 54 inches are ideal for adults or for people who have more space to spread out. After 72 inches or larger, these are perfect for taller individuals or groups of people who all want to sit in one place.

Fabric (for cover and liner)

There are many materials including microfiber, fur, nylon, vinyl, cotton, corduroy, or leather. If you like easy cleanup, choose one bean bag made of stain-resistant fabric. Some products come with removable covers that are machine washable. The liner, usually made from polyester, is underneath the removable cover to secure the filling during cleaning.


They are filled with either natural or synthetic materials. The natural filler is an eco-friendly solution. Synthetic materials come in a large variety. The flexibility of the shredded foam pieces makes this type of fill a viable option in many situations. EPS beads are probably the most common type of bean bag chair fill.

Most of the houses have the best bean bag chairs in Canada. These are underrated but practically they are much more feasible to use. You can carry them anywhere you want. These are filled with soft padding cups or PVC pellets or dried beans or expanded polystyrene or expanded properly. 

Most children prefer having the best bean bag chairs in their room for reading, watching TV, playing games whereas most adults consider a small bean bag sport as one of the most comfortable spots at their house. So now if you’re planning to purchase a bean bag then here we are with a list of the top 10 best bean bags in Canada.

Top 10 Best Bean Bag Chairs in Canada

1. A chill sack bean bag chair

best bean bag chairs

These are oversized bean bag chairs that takes the shape of a seat when you sit on it. It is very comfortable for kids and adults. The bean bag is available in various colors hence can suit your furniture and décor. It has shredded memory foam inside which makes it much softer and comfortable. So now if you’re planning to spend your Sunday evening, by this bean bag to make your experience much more energetic, calm, and comfortable. Moreover, the cover of the bean bag is removable and made up of soft fiber. You can wash the cover in the washing machine. The product provides you with a three-year warranty. The size of the bean bag is 60 X 60 X 34 inches.

The 5 foot chill bag is ideal for your child, teenager or college student that loves to play video games and watch their favorite movies and TV programs. The perfect addition to a basement, family room or dorm, it’s large enough to fit two small adults but is ideal for one adult or child. We call them bean bag chairs, but there are no beans or Styrofoam pellets here. Just the softest, highest quality shredded foam like those used in high end couches.

Chill Sacks / Walmart

2. Fatboy Junior Bean Bag, Petrol

This is a unique Bean Bag, which is square. It is available in different colors to match up with your furniture. The bean bag costs around $199. The shape, size, and design of the Bean Bag are very exciting, it attracts people easily. This is multifunctional, can be used for sitting as well as sleeping. It is filled with virgin polystyrene beads, which are very comfortable, soft, and takes the form of your body. The outer cover is made up of nylon, which is again a very soft material. It is durable and one of the best bean bag chairs in the list. The dimensions of the bean bag are 70 X 55 X8 inches. Is much easier to clean and has a warranty of six months.

Designed so that small fry can explore Fatboy’s fun features, Junior is a smaller version of our one and only Original. Junior is available in a large selection of colours, Junior offers bags of fun: sit, recline, laze about, lounge around or get gaming on it’s the possibilities for relaxation are endless because Junior is incredibly robust and adjusts perfectly to your body! The iconic beanbag but for kids. Ultra comfortable, especially designed for the most important people in the world. With the Junior beanbag kids can discover the Fatboy Lounge experience. This children’s beanbag offers infinite ways to lounge, (p)lay, game or sleep.


3. Gold Medal 30011246824TD Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag

Another amazing design, a bean bag with a stunning leather look. This is affordable and will cost you around $110. It is available in eight different colors and has child-safe support. The bean bag can be considered as one of the most durable because of the use of leather. It looks amazing and is attractive. Imagine having this bean bag in a corner of your room that would attract all the eyes over a party. It is double stitched so that there is no damage. The bean bag is filled with polystyrene beans and weighs almost 8 pounds. The bean bag is easy to clean and easy to use, making it one of the best bean bag chairs available.

The Large Tear Drop Bean Bag is Sturdy, Double Stitched, and has a Child Safe Zipper. A Hot Pink Leather Look Vinyl. 112-Inch Circumference (L35-Inch x W34-Inch x H27-Inch ). Ideal for Teens, College, Gamers, Adults. The Tear Drop Shape Conforms to each Individual and Provides Extra Back Support. This Durable Bean Bag is Made in USA and has Easy Wipe Down Maintenance. Filled with Virgin Expanded Polystyrene Beans.

Hayneedle / Walmart

4. Jaxx Bean Bags Lounger: Best bean bag chairs for kids

Join been back to lie down with your bank arrest and read a novel for hours. This is a very large bean bag that can occupy quite a month of your space but it’s worth buying because of luxury. You can even lay down and take a nap on the bean bag. This makes it clear that it is extremely comfortable. It is made up of nylon and cotton inner lining which is washable. It is filled with finely shredded polished three inform that are very soft and comfortable. It also has a childproof zipper. The bean bag comes with a one-year warranty and is made in the USA. It is available in 17 different colors. So now if you’re thinking to purchase 4 feet long been back then this is perfect. It may cost you around $ 380. 

For story time, bedtime, play time and anytime, kids, teens (and adults too!) Love to get into the smooth and supportive foam of the Jaxx Sofa Saxx 4 bean bag. Put one, two, or three children in this wide cloud of comfort. This small sofa Saxx lounge gives everyone a place. Soft and durable covers are available in many colors that will appeal to anyone. Each bean bag is filled with foam level furniture, with a lid that closes easily for mechanical washing. At the bottom, a protective zipper-lined protective line keeps foam content away from dirt from entering.


5. Big joe dorm bean bag chair

This is a small, cozy, and comfortable bean bag chair that may cost you around $184. It is available in red color, has a bottle holder and a small pocket to hold essentials. It comes in the shape of a chair, you can sit on it and relax while watching TV or even having your snacks. The bean bag is stand resistant and water-resistant. It also has a handle so that moving from one place to another could be easier. The bean bag has to safety lock or zippers, which makes it much more durable. It is filled with ultimate refill beans. It looks very sturdy and the bean bag is eco-friendly, making it one of the best bean bag chairs.

It’s the nature of every bean bag to go flat over time, but if you feel your bag has gone flat unreasonably soon, give our Customer Service team a call and they can help you out! As with all Big Joe bean bag chairs, its sealed with 2, safety locking zippers for child safety – but don’t worry! If you need to add more filling, just take a look at the tag sewn into every bag, it shows how a paper clip or safety pin can unzip the bag to refill it with fresh beans. 

Walmart / Overstock

6. GOUCHEE Design Fluffy Collection Adult or Kids Contemporary Oversized Faux Fur Upholstered Bean Bag Chair

A 6 feet large Bean Bag, especially available in grey colours. It is one of the best recommended and has a child safety report. The bean bag is made up of microfiber covering and can be easily washed. You can lie down and relax, not only just sit on the bean bag. The bean bag is durable and 100% certiPUR-US Certified. It is filled with premium shredded cozy foam and specially designed for working students and adults. The bean bag may cost you around $225. It is available in six different sizes from 3 feet-8 feet.

Gouchee Design Fluffy Collection introduces a well crafted and designed bean bag chair. It is designed to be easy to place in size 28 x 43 and weighs in at just 8 pounds., Without a doubt, this beanbag seat will easily fit into your home without taking up too much space. Enhance your decoration with this long-lasting beanbag chair. Designed with upholstered faux fur polyester, there is no doubt that this bean bag seat will last a long time and last for several years to come. Pushing is done with 100 Percent Virgin Polystyrene beans 3mm to 6mm to provide a comfortable bean bag seat. Once you are seated, you will not want to get up. Designed to accommodate people of all sizes, this bean bag seat will fit one person between 3 to 6 ft. length.


7. Big Joe 0002655 Media Lounger Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

This is a 6 feet long and cozy bean bag available on Amazon. It may cost you around $244. The bean bag is filled with spongy and durable shaded fluffy form. You can refill the form once it loses its stretch this is a product made in the USA and is very easy to clean. Generally, it is available in black color. This bean bag will mix and match up with your furniture. So now if you’re planning to relax and play a video game the whole day, this bean bag is a perfect match for you, and one of the best bean bag chairs to choose from.

These new and improved Fuf’s have been upgraded from the inside out, to bring you, the customer, total satisfaction. Now made of our Lenox fabric, Fuf is softer than ever and designed to withstand the test of time. It is beautiful when you touch it and it is easy to see it clean. As is the case with our Original Fuf chairs, these foam chairs never need to be re-filled. Just re-Fuf them now and again like you do your favorite pillow to keep it soft, cozy and comfy. To make it easier to re-Fuf, we’ve designed this second generation to have built in handles on both sides of the sack. We’ve also improved the foam itself by shredding it into smaller pieces of the same size, to make for a more comfortable and cozier sit we know you’ll love. Shipped to you in a box the fraction of its size, these gloriously comfy sacks will expand to their full, magnificent size over the course of about a week. Big Joe takes its protection of Mother Earth seriously. From the Facilities that your chair is designed and filled in, to the products themselves, we are always looking for ways to keep Being Green front of mine. Our foam is upcycled from the virgin foam of our fellow foam using industry friends to bring you the best in both comfort, value, and environmental responsibility.

Walmart / TheBeanbagStore

8. Big Joe Smartmax Milano, Regular

This is a very classy, elegant, and vibrant red bean bag chair, the design of the chair is unique. It is water-resistant and stain-resistant. It is stuffed with Ultima Beans which are very soft, comfortable, and durable. Apart from this, the bean bag is very safe because it has a double zipper that makes it stronger. It is easy to carry Made up of recycled products. You can also refill The Bean Bag when the old beans lose softness and comfort. This is again one of the best bean bag chairs in Canada.


9.Sitting Point Bean Bag Bigbag Brava Turquoise

This is a bean bag by the big bag, available in 11 different colors. The bean bag may cost you around $227. The dimensions of the bean bag are 51X67X8 inches. It is made up of 100% polyester and Is made in Europe. Apart from this, the bean bag is filled with virgin polyester beans of 3MM-6MM. The beans are made up in Canada. The bean bag is square, which can be used for sitting and sleeping. It is very cozy comfortable and soft. The bean bag is made up of durable material hence this can be your perfect choice.

Designed and manufactured by popular European brand Sitting Point, this big bean bag brings both trendy color and comfort into your home. Generously sized, this bean bag is extremely versatile, appropriate for any type of sitting or lounging. As a multipurpose seat, this bean bag can be used for watching television, reading, or used as a mattress for relaxing. Designed with the highest quality materials, this bean bag is built to last. Its shell is furniture grade polyester fabric. It is filled with premium Canadian made virgin polystyrene beans of 3mm to 6mm, which guarantee comfort and durability. Presented in a vibrant turquoise this bean bag is sure to light up any surrounding space.

Walmart / BestBuy

10. Big Joe 1180286 warp bean bag

Finally, this falls last on the list with a very unique and different shape. It is made up of a texture of two colors, blue and navy blue. The bean bag is covered with two layers of Spandex. It may cost you around $185 and is very easy to fill. It is filled with mega beans that are soft and comfortable. 

They used two layers of spandex for the seat, so it stretches with you, but not too much and added some structure to the sides to make sure you stay upright. Inside, it’s filled with our cushy Mega Beans for mind-blowing comfort.

Walmart / Overstock


This was an exhaustive list of 10 best bean bags available in Canada. All the bean bags are comfortable, soft and cozy. 

One of the vest bean bags is a Chill sack bean bag chair and fat boy original. You can also prefer the Sitting point Bean bag because it is similar to the fat boy original and is extremely comfortable.

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