twitter breach

Business Data breached by twitter, they apologized.

Twitter is a social media platform with a wide range of businesses carrying out the B2B marketing strategy over there. According to recent data, 75% of B2B marketing takes place through...

Microsoft’s BlueKeep Flaw Detected

Australia's cybersecurity agency recently alerted for urgent Microsoft updates to be implemented after the first public release of the ‘BlueKeep’ flaw. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) issued a warning to IT...

Google Killed A Bunch of Handy Tab Options, Was any your favourite!

Google is burning some of the fat from Chrome and has decided to remove several options from the context menu that appears when you right-click a tab. The options to create a...

LGBTQ YouTubers Sue YouTube Over Alleged Discrimination

A group of YouTube creators is suing YouTube for allegedly discriminating against their LGBTQ-focused videos by suppressing recommendations and making it difficult to earn ad revenue. The lawsuit alleges that YouTube uses...

Oculus Go Emulation Coming to The Quest

Oculus plans to bring Go emulation to the Quest later this year, primarily letting apps engineered for the lower-powered Oculus Go headset to be played on the powerful and six degrees...

Google Is Developing A Heavy Ad-Blocker

As we know it today that ads essentially fund the internet, but sometimes they can create some of the worst experiences that the web has to offer.     According to a report, Google...
sony plus games

Sony Swaps Out Its Line-up of PS Plus Games

If you are a PS4 gamer and a PlayStation Plus subscriber hoping to settle down with a quality football simulator next month, it seems you are out of luck. In an unprecedented...
Sign in with apple

Sign in With Apple Poses Security Risks

At WWDC 2019 earlier this month, Apple announced Sign in With Apple, a new privacy-focused login feature that allows macOS Catalina and iOS 13 users to sign into third-party apps and...

Twitch Prime “Sells Out” On Amazon Prime Day

It is that time of the year where things are cheap and fast-approaching, its Amazon Prime Day which kicks off on July 15. Twitch Prime is getting in on the Amazon...

Google Stadia Games Will Now Cost Full Price

Google’s Stadia game streaming service will launch in November and you will need a speedy internet connection to use it. But this doesn’t mean the games will be cheaper. Phil Harrison,...