Google Researchers Identify Several iOS Flaws

Six serious security vulnerabilities that were patched in the iOS 12.4 update released earlier this month were originally discovered by security researchers at Google. Natalie Silvanovich and Samuel Groß, two members of...

Italian Watchdog Fines Apple $12million for Misleading Commercial Practices

Italy's antitrust authority said on Monday, 30th November, it had fined Apple 10 million euros ($12 million) for "aggressive and misleading" commercial practices regarding its iPhones. The fine was imposed by L’Autorità...
Google Calendar

Google Calendar under attack, Hackers offer iPhone XS and more to manipulate users

Google calendar, One of the most used feature of google’s ecosystem has been attacked by hackers offering iPhone XS and Amazon Vouchers to download viruses.  The bug has been reported by Macbook...
apple india

Apple to Start Online Sales in India but can people really afford?

Indians from Ahmedabad to Mumbai can shortly be able to shop online for Apple products. The nation's government today declared that it would ease out rules on local production that restricted corporates like...
watch os 6

watchOS 6 Spots New Ceramic and Titanium Apple Watch models

Apple’s latest watchOS beta seems to have revealed the company’s plans for brand new Apple Watch models. Just days after recognizing a possible iPhone 11 announcement date, iHelp BR has discovered references to new ceramic and titanium watch models in the latest watchOS 6 beta. The Apple Watch Series 5 will be disclosed next...

Google’s New Gesture Controls Not Just for Pixel

When Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007, its most spell-bounding feature—the one that set it apart from BlackBerry and Nokia, and the one that would forever change the way...
apple chromecast

Apple Music Beta Adds Chromecast Support

While Apple Music might not be the most popular music streaming service on Android, the latest beta upgrade adds Chromecast support for streaming playlists, radio stations, and more. Apple seems to be...

Security Warning For iPhone Users

New research regarding threats and vulnerabilities in mobile apps has found that iPhone and iPad users are not as secure as they might imagine, leaving their private data at risk. According...

Apple Soon to Shut Down Corellium’s ‘Perfect Replicas’

Apple Inc. accused upstart Corellium LLC of illegally selling virtual copies of the iPhone and iPad operating systems under the guise of helping discover security flaws. In a copyright-infringement lawsuit filed on...

Cellebrite Helps Cops in Unlocking iPhone

Companies would earlier crack devices on behalf of governments in secrecy, and guarded even their capabilities. But now it seems like they are proudly tweeting about their updated abilities to hack...