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Centara hotels and resorts suffered second data breach right after the first data breach


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Reportedly, Centara hotels and resorts got hit by a ransomware attack. The attackers behind the attacks on luxury hotels are said to be the Desorden group for which they asked for a ransom amount to $900000 of ransom amount.

The hacking group said it had satisfied all the hotel’s demands, including providing samples of every database stolen before the management pulled out of the deal on Tuesday.

According to the reports of CPO Magazine

Hackers have claimed to breach the luxury hotels within a few minutes and were able to access a total of 400 GB of files, followed by a second attack on the servers just after ten minutes of the first attack. The accessed files included information such as the customer’s personal details and the company’s corporate information.

According to reports, Desorden Group asked for a hefty amount of ransomware from the group of hotels during the first breach and for the second breach, the attacking group took down the whole server of the luxury hotels.

The CEO of the hotel said in a statement that the hackers were able to get access to some sensitive information of the customers. Although, the hackers were not able to get their hands of any customer’s credit card or financial information.

“We basically brought down their entire backend, which consists of 5 servers,” Desorden claims. “In total, over 400 GB of files and data was stolen over a course of 10 days.” (CPO Magazine)

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