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China accused India of conducting massive cyber-attacks


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Recently, the Chinese media blamed India for the cyberattacks happening in China. According to an article in Global Times, the Chinese media has confirmed an attempt by Indian hackers to gain access to Wuhan Lab’s data. According to Global Times,

“Evil flower in South Asia, lure of beauty, ghost war elephants roaming the Himalayas are the code names for real groups from India with possible intelligence background and state support,”

Apart from this, Indian hackers have also tried to hack the blueprint of China’s aerospace sector as per the Chinese media. After further investigation by the digital hacker team, it was found that China is blaming the Indian government for these cyber attacks.

According to Chinese media, Indian hackers are being encouraged and funded by the Indian government to carry out these cyber attacks. However, no valid proof has been disclosed yet regarding this allegation.

The Chinese media even says that apart from China, efforts have also been made to hack the data of Nepal and Pakistan. These hackers are categorized by Chinese media as Advanced Persistent Threats.

However, if some experts are to be believed, China is putting these allegations to tarnish the image of India globally. India is seen globally as a positive democratic country, hence the clarification of the Government of India on the allegations imposed by China is required.

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