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Clippy is resurrected by Microsoft after being mercilessly killed off in Microsoft Teams


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sunaina

After reviving the obnoxious paperclip two years ago and then killing it after a few days, Microsoft is bringing Clippy back to Microsoft Teams. Soon, a sticker pack with many various variants of the anthropomorphic paperclip will be available in Microsoft Teams.

“Yes, it’s true — Clippy has consented to come out of retirement!” Microsoft says, announcing Clippy’s comeback to Microsoft Teams. “Whether you liked him or despised him, Clippy is back in Teams with a Retro Sticker Pack.”

The new vintage sticker collection resembles the stickers designed by a team of Microsoft workers for Teams more than two years ago. Microsoft authorities were quick to shut down the initiative, and a source at the time said that the company’s “brand police” weren’t thrilled that Clippy had featured in Microsoft Teams.

Clippy first appeared in Office 97, kindly providing tips on how to use Microsoft’s Office programme. People had conflicting reactions to the Groucho-browed interruptions, and Clippy’s tenure as Office assistant ended with Office XP in 2001. Until recently, Microsoft had been hesitant to include Clippy as a meme in its Office or Windows products. Clippy has returned to replace the regular paperclip emoji in Windows 11, as well as appearing in new Teams backdrops and a sticker pack in Microsoft Teams.

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