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Cognizant has filed a lawsuit against Bohrer PLLC, accusing overbilling


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In a petition filed against Bohrer PLLC along with its managing partner, Jeremy I. Bohrer in the Southern District of New York, Cognizant claimed that they had billed it thousands of dollars in charges and invoices for work that it either didn’t complete as invoiced or completed for a fraction of the claimed amount.

Bohrer PLLC was one of Cognizant’s previous chief authorized officers, Steven E. Schwartz’s, five regulatory firms, to represent him in a lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice under the International Corrupt Practices Act. where he was accused of authorizing the payment of $1.6 million in bribery to Indian government officials in order to get a construction permit for its campus on the outskirts of Chennai.

According to a June 16 appeal obtained by ET, Cognizant was legally required to provide Schwartz with the permitted costs and expenses incurred by the entities representing him. 

Cognizant was looking for at least $20 million in damages to cover its financial losses. Punitive damages were also sought by the New Jersey-based company against the regulatory agency and the legal value.

“Along with contractual obligations, attorneys in NY state are ruled by the New York Lawyer’s Code of Skilled Duty which incorporates varied guidelines together with charging the shopper an inexpensive and proportionate charge,” Ashish Singh stated, a co-founder and joint managing companion at Capstone Authorized.

Bohrer was also accused of working on the Schwartz case with distributors in whom he had an ownership position, but Cognizant did not reveal this conflict of interest. 

The company claimed that a whistleblower had informed them of Bohrer’s actions.

An investigation firm was then hired to verify the authenticity of the whistleblower’s e-mail.

The investigation stated that “dwarfed these submitted by the 4 different companies which are defending Schwartz. On occasions, Bohrer PLLC’s month-to-month charges have been greater than double the quantities invoiced by the opposite 4 companies mixed”, Cognizant stated.

The firm said that it had declined to settle Bohrer’s invoices in 2019 and that the case had been heard in a US courtroom.

Bohrer also charged Cognizant 600% more for document review than third-party attorneys who did the work under contract, according to the company.

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