How We Test and Research Products

Our mission at The Digital Hacker is to make your life easier by providing practical, real-world advice. When it comes to purchasing selections, we’re here to help you make the greatest option for your home, family, and lifestyle.

We conduct research, interview industry experts, direct customers and test items in our international lab and at home, all in order to provide you with reliable suggestions.

While we do receive an affiliate commission on some of the things you purchase, all of our recommendations are picked based on performance, test results, and personal experiences with the products.

We collect performance data on every product we test and turn it into simple recommendations to help you choose the best goods for your needs.



Meet Our Team

T Elicia (Tech and News Writer)

Nidhi K. (Tech News and Finance Writer)

Supratik Das (Product Review and tech Product reviewer)

Ciya T. Shaju (Product Review, Consumer product review and German speaker)

Aishwarya (Product Review and Affiliate)

Soham Paul (Product Review and Affiliate)

Nidhi Khandewal (Finance and Tech News)

Faheem (WordPress Content Writer)

Chaitanya Jadav (WordPress Content Writer)

Khushi Keswani (News Publisher)