Conti ransomware is wreaking havoc using Emotet botnet

Conti ransomware is back and this time is wreaking havoc with the botnet, namely Emotet.

The researchers say that the law enforcement took down the botnet ten months ago and is now relaunching itself to fill the void that was left behind.

The revival of the botnet follows a long period of malware loader shortage and the decline of decentralized ransomware operations that allowed organized crime syndicates to rise again.

The main aim of Emotet is to provide initial access to other malware operators to get deployed in the affected and infected systems. Apart from Conti ransomware, according to resources, Qbot and Trickbot were the main malware deployers that used Emotet.

“Emotet’s strategic, operational, and tactical agility was executed through a modular system enabling them to tailor payload functionality and specialization for the needs of specific customers”

According to the reports of AdvIntel

Before Conti ransomware, Emotet had its relations with Ryuk ransomware. Ryuk lost its credibility once Conti started increasing its activities. Both Conti and Ryuk ransomware had a history of attacking healthcare institutions at large.


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