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Cricket Wireless removed speed limits from numerous contracts and is now offering 5G


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sunaina

If you’re seeking for 5G connection on a prepaid cellular plan, Cricket Wireless now provides numerous additional possibilities. That’s because, beginning today, it will provide countrywide 5G service across all of its plans, whereas it previously only supported one device and only on its more expensive unlimited plans. Cricket Wireless recently said that it has acquired 2 million users in the previous two years and currently has 12.4 million members.

Cricket Wireless has also removed the 8Mbps speed restriction from its lower-cost $30, $40, and $55 plans. We won’t know how much bandwidth Cricket Wireless can dependably deliver — utilizing AT&T’s network — when the restrictions are lifted until consumers check it out. The small print at the bottom of the announcement directs us to Cricket’s coverage map as well as a list of 5G compatible devices. It also mentions that the $55 monthly subscription comes with the caveat that “Cricket may briefly decrease internet rates if the network is overloaded.”

Of course, the gains that users have seen from 5G, regardless of which telecom providers they use, have been underwhelming thus far. With the modifications, you may now receive 5G service for as little as $25 per month, per line, on a four-line plan. And, with AT&T’s plans to increase the reach of its mid-band 5G connections over the next several years, even if things aren’t noticeably faster for you right now, that might change.

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