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CSDL Ventures fixed a vulnerability which hackers might have targeted


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CVL, which is a subsidiary of CDSL, a leading Demat account, and services provider claimed to fix a huge vulnerability that would have become a serious and potential threat for the hackers.

CDSL has a lot of useful information because of the types of services that they provide. CVL is involved in KYC-related work for CDSL and hence, has data of millions of stock market investors in India. There was a vulnerability in the server systems of both CDSL and CVL.

Reportedly, a cyber security start-up, Cyber-X9, has claimed to find out the vulnerability, pointed it out, and it took them 7 days to fix it.

However, a source close to CVL said that the vulnerability was fixed immediately and it did not lead to any data breach or hacking. The source further said that an audit was conducted of CVL data systems and vulnerabilities were proactively fixed.

According to the reports of The Hindu

The company has reported that none of the customer data was sacrificed during the breach. Also, the cyber security team was very apt and efficient in finding out the flaw and fixing it.

CyberX9 said that the vulnerability was spotted for the second time. It also said that the CDSL has very sensitive data and it is really important for that data to be handled carefully.

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