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Cybercriminals targeted over 300 Spar north of England convenience stores


Last Updated on 06/12/2021 by Riya

A cyberattack on more than 300 Spar convenience stores in the north of England has prompted many of them to close. The attack targeted the company’s laptop systems, generating a “total IT outage” that prohibited staff from accepting credit card transactions and froze them out of their emails.

Some of the store’s outlets, which are among the sole places to get food in many remote regions, are receiving payment, while the rest have been pushed to close completely. The IT disruption began on Sunday, and professionals worked through the night to fix the flaws.

There had been “no deadline scheduled to be back online,” according to 1 Spar department’s Twitter feed on Monday afternoon. Spar wrote on its official Twitter handle,

“We are sorry for the trouble which our customers face, and we’re trying as quickly as possible to fix the issue.”

James Corridor & Company, a distribution associate that supplies food to nearly 600 Spar stores across the north of England, has also been harmed, and their website is currently unavailable. Tesco was hacked previously this year, forcing hundreds of unhappy customers to fail to shop for food online at the UK’s largest supermarket.

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