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Strengthen Your Defense with a Robust Cybersecurity Checklist for the Shields Ready Campaign in 2023

Check out Shields Ready, the latest initiative from the United States government to strengthen cyber-resilience in essential infrastructure. Learn about the important messages and tactics outlined by CISA, DHS, and FEMA to increase the readiness of essential services against potential cyber threats.


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Last Updated on 05/12/2023 by Dolly

To supplement the successful “Shields Up” campaign, the United States government has created the “Shields Ready” project to improve cybersecurity in vital infrastructure. In contrast to its forerunner, Shields Active, Shields Ready is geared toward bolstering Critical Infrastructure (CNI) firms’ processes and systems in advance of any cyber incidents.

The Shields Ready Initiative’s Most Important Takeaways

1. The Importance of Knowing Your Dependencies and Infrastructure

Providers of CNI are asked to determine which systems are crucial to operations and to analyze any potential interdependencies with other parts of the network. This insight is crucial for building a reliable network.


2. Conducting Detailed Risk Evaluations

The effort stresses the need to assess numerous risks that may interfere with CNI functions. Complete risk evaluations are useful for identifying the most pressing security issues.


3. Creating Actionable Plans

Shields Ready advocates for the establishment of strategic risk management programs to reduce identified risks and vulnerabilities. Downtime caused by cyberattacks can be reduced if an effective incident response and recovery plan is in place.


4. Improvement and Development Metrics

Organizations within the CNI should run through their incident response and recovery procedures under simulated disaster scenarios. Strategic plans that are regularly updated and evaluated encourage continuous improvement and keep organizations prepared for future threats.


Significance of Shields Ready

Director of CISA Jen Easterly underlined Shields Ready’s crucial role in providing CNI entities like hospitals and water facilities with the resources they need to respond to and recover from disruptions. Future resilience can be ensured if vital infrastructure, communities, and individuals take precautions today to lessen the effects of possible crises.


The Final Part of the Shields Ready Journey

The Shields Ready Initiative serves as a timely reminder during Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month that preventative measures taken now can improve the security and resilience of tomorrow. Critical infrastructure companies can stay ahead of the constantly changing range of cybersecurity threats by figuring out what they depend on, doing full risk assessments, making plans for the future, and keeping an eye on progress on a regular basis.

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