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Data could be infiltrated by the Chinese hackers in the future for quantum decryption


Last Updated on 30/11/2021 by Riya

Researcher concerns that Chinese cybercriminals could attack strongly protected datasets like weapon designs or data of covert spy operatives with the intention of decrypting them afterward once quantum computing renders decryption feasible.

Chinese cybercriminals might also acquire pharmaceutical, chemical, and material science data that can be handled by quantum pc devices skilled at crunching numbers at unparalleled speed, according to researchers at consultancy agency Booz Allen Hamilton.

The firm claims that protected data could’ve been taken by “Chinese threat organizations” in research called “Chinese threats in the quantum age.” According to the report, quantum-assisted decryption will emerge rapidly than quantum-assisted encryption, offering cyber criminals a competitive advantage.

“Encrypted material with intelligence relevance, including biometric markers, undercover intelligence analyst, origin, social security numbers, and weapon blueprints, maybe progressively taken in the hope of being decoded,” according to the research.

“State-aligned cyber-criminals” will begin acquiring or intercepting formerly worthless encrypted information, according to the report. Quantum computing, on the other hand, has an “extremely modest” chance of cracking current encryption systems prior to 2030, shown in the report.

The merits of quantum computing versus classical computing, which is employed in everything from laptops to cellphones, are at least a generation ago, according to the experts.

China is indeed a significant competitor in the sector, with Booz Allen Hamilton predicting that the nation will exceed Europe and the United States in quantum-related study and innovation, citing IBM’s latest invention of the world’s most efficient quantum processor as an example.

Riya is a technology enthusiast and an avid researcher. She writes about consumer tech, hacking, and technology consumer issues at TheDigitalHacker.
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