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Data of thousands of patients of Massachusetts hospital left exposed


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A hospital in Worcester, Massachusetts has intimated its patients about a recent data breach that has happened to the hospital’s security systems. This has led the data to be left exposed in the hand of the attackers and now they have access to the sensitive information of the patients.

According to the reports of Telegram and Gazettethe hospital that get impacted by the data breach, UMass Memorial Health, wrote a notice to patients about the breach in mid of October and said that an unauthorized person accessed hospital accounts between June 2020 and January 2021.

“Our investigation to determine the nature and scope of the incident determined on January 27, 2021, that a limited number of UMass employees’ email accounts may have been accessed by an unauthorized person,” the notice said.

Reportedly, around 209048 people have been affected by the breach.

It has also been reported that for normal patients, information such as names of patients, data of birth, medical record numbers, health insurance information, other information including clinic and treatment information, prescription information were leaked in the data breach.

“For health plan participants, the information involved included names, subscriber ID numbers, and benefits election information. For some individuals, a Social Security number and/or driver’s license number was also involved,” the hospital added.

The hospital is providing some free services to the patients in the wake of the alleged data breach. The hospital is also trying to find out the weak link from the past few months to find out who can be the person(s) responsible for such a huge breach.

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