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Disturbing Real-Life Expressions Made by a Humanoid


Last Updated on 08/12/2021 by TheDigitalHacker

The humanoid named Ameca was caught showing human-like expressions in a UK based lab.

As stated by the witnesses Ameca seems to wake up and instantly shows a mixed expression of confusion and frustration. However, later on, when she takes a look at everything surrounding her and especially her arms she displays an expression of surprise. However, to everyone’s disappointment, Ameca cannot walk, talk or perform special moves like Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot does. The officials stated that developing these skills will take quite a lot of time. Engineered Arts explains that Ameca does not use AI; instead, it handles the ultra-realistic bodies and leaves AI capabilities to developers.

Disturbing Real-Life Expressions Made by a Humanoid 1

Ameca is not the only humanoid in the process of gaining human qualities, Mesmer is another realistic bot developed by the ‘Engineered Arts’. In fact Mesmer the bot makes way more human-like expression is often considered more believable as it has more lifelike skin and facial features than Ameca at the moment.

Disturbing Real-Life Expressions Made by a Humanoid 2

Ameca and Mesmer will likely be the centre of attention at venues and gatherings, rather than robots built to fulfil a certain function or take over all of mankind because Engineered Arts concentrates on building humanoid robots for entertainment. Engineered Arts claims Ameca will be on show at CES 2022 in January if you want to see it in person.

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