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E 27 breached: Donation asked for revealing vulnerabilities by hackers.


Last Updated on 30/07/2020 by TheDigitalHacker

One of the leading firms in Asian media, E27, has been a victim of a hacking attack. E27 is a media company that provides Asian technology startups related news and also a platform for community members to learn from each other.

Email to the members

The email notification that was sent by E27 CEO to all its members regarding the attack explained that they were victims of a “malicious cyber attack.”

The mail stated that “We regret this has taken place and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We use Facebook and LinkedIn for account login and do not store any passwords on our system. If you use the legacy email and password login, your passwords are encrypted, but we highly encourage that you change it. We do not store any credit card or payment related information on our servers.”

The mail also stated that “The reason we are informing you is that we believe it’s the right thing to do and we want to be transparent. As a company, we believe that all community relationships must be built on trust, and we want to be responsible members of the tech ecosystem. That is why we believe it is important to inform you of this incident.”

Donation demanded

The group of hackers who are responsible for the attack are identified as “Korean Hackers” and “Team Johnwick.” In the email which was sent to the Bleeping Computers, the groups claimed that they stole “source code” and information from a database that contained emails, mobile numbers, passwords, other documents, and many more. The groups are asking for a small donation from E27 in return for the knowledge of how they managed to get into their system and hack the information.


If you are a member of that site, then we would like you to change your passwords immediately and if you are using those passwords for any other places as well replace them too.

Mohit K
Mohit K
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