Elon Musk responds with”Use Signal”, hinting at it as an alternative for WhatsApp after the latter amended the user privacy policies

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Elon Musk responds with"Use Signal", hinting at it as an alternative for WhatsApp after the latter amended the user privacy policies 2
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Recently, Facebook-owned social messaging app WhatsApp started sending in-app notifications to its users, informing them about the amendments in their list of Terms & Conditions. Following this, Elon Musk tweeted on Thursday : “Use Signal“, inducing a huge number of sign-ups for the app. 

The sudden increase in the number of registrations over the app caused technical delays as it was known through a tweet by the official account of Signal, “Verification codes are currently delayed across several providers because so many new people are trying to join Signal right now (we can barely register our excitement). We are working with carriers to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

In another tweet, he had mentioned a ‘domino effect’ meme, implying that these changes being introduced to WhatsApp is a domino effect of its parent company Facebook, as it is following a similar path of forming privacy policies.

Musk has a record of such opinion clashes with Mark Zuckerberg, blaming Facebook for creating chaos and has often used Twitter as a platform to express such opinions. He also blames Facebook for the storming of the US Capitol that took place on Wednesday.

Signal is an app which is highly focused on complying with user privacy norms and is widely used amongst security experts, privacy researchers, academics and journalists all around the globe. 

Even though it follows an approach of end-to-end encryption similar to WhatsApp, but unlike the latter, it is an open-source app.

Elon Musk has climbed to the top of the charts by becoming the richest man of the world with a current net worth of $188 billion, surpassing Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. 


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