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Everyone can’t afford the new iPhone 13 series, find out why?


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

The iPhone 13 is Apple’s latest iphone that hit the market. The most buzzed discussed factor regarding it is the pricing of this phone. Apple, on the other hand, aimed to keep the pricing close to that of the iPhone 12 generation model. However, the price of this iphone is still extremely expensive for those who can’t afford to pay so much money for a iphone.

Such people are still beyond of reach to buy this expensive iphone. In India, the base variant of the iPhone 13 (128 GB) costs up to Rs 79,900. The iPhone 13 Mini, on the other hand, is an inexpensive device among other generations, with a 128 GB capacity costing Rs 69,900. The price of iPhone 13 is very expensive for an ordinary cellphone user around the world, who would rather buy a smartphone for approximately 15 thousand rupees instead of spending on a costly iPhone.

Although, the iPhone is not so pricey in the United States. Several factors are responsible for this price variation. However, the major reason behind the inexpensive iPhones in few countries such as the United States is due to the average earnings of its residents.

How many hours do we have to work in order to buy an iPhone13?

Fascinating factors have been discovered regarding the working hours. One of the research calculates how many hours an individual had to work in various nations in order to purchase a new iPhone. This interval might be as short as three days in certain nations and as long as a month in others.

While talking about India let me tell you an average Indian worker will need to put in 724.2 hours to get a new iPhone. This is around a 30-day timeframe. A typical earner would need to work a bit more than 30 days to save enough money to afford an iPhone 13 in India, considering an eight-hour daily shift.

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