HomeNewsExciting news for AmongUs gamers: to be available on PS5 and PS4...

Exciting news for AmongUs gamers: to be available on PS5 and PS4 soon!


Last Updated on 10/05/2021 by Khushi


Sony revealed during its State of Play presentation on Thursday that the hit social deduction game Among Us would be coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 later this year.

The game will support crossplay and online multiplayer, much as it does on other platforms, so you can play with your mates no matter what platform they’re on. PlayStation fans, on the other hand, would be the only ones that can get exclusive Ratchet & Clank cosmetics, including a skin and hat for dressing up as Ratchet, as well as a pet that is a cute little Clank.

Among Us blew up last year on PC and mobile devices, eventually becoming 2020’s most-downloaded mobile game, but the game didn’t debut on consoles until a surprise release on Nintendo Switch in December. Two days after, Microsoft confirmed the game would be hitting Xbox consoles sometime in 2021, and now, we know it’s on the way for PlayStation consoles, too.

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