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Facebook groups may now designate “experts” for their communities


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Last Updated on 15/07/2021 by Sanskriti

Yesterday, Facebook is launching a new tool called “Group Experts,” which allows administrators to identify extremely knowledgeable members about the group’s topic. These members will be the ‘experts’ and these experts will be identified by a special “Group Expert” badge, similar to what admins and moderators on Facebook groups often wear. They can use Facebook to find specialists who aren’t members but have knowledge that is relevant to the group’s interests, aside from allowing administrators to select subject matter experts from their organizations.

The confirmation of their increased rank will be inscribed on a badge next to the name of Group Experts. This emblem will appear in articles, comments, and in the Q&A section of the website.

Group Administrators will choose Group Experts, and experts will only be given this exceptional power if they accept the nomination. Admins can also withdraw the expert status. It’s crucial to remember that becoming a group expert doesn’t provide you any extra features or give you any power apart from the other members or the group. However, group specialists will be given “ways to seek and exchange expertise beyond standard posts and comments,” according to Facebook.

These capabilities will include holding text-based real-time question-and-answer sessions, establishing live audio rooms, and posing questions for group members.

Facebook is experimenting with ways to make it simpler for administrators to locate these experts, such as encouraging particular individuals, presently in the gaming and fitness industries, to add which games or activities they know about. These subjects may be searched by group admins to locate their new Group Experts. Because the new experts will be able to ask followers who have recently interacted with their main page to join the group, this strategy also serves as a growth engine for groups. 

If a group nominates an untrustworthy expert or is intentionally providing false material, the administration will be the only ones who may remove them from their expert position. No one is defined as a qualified expert in this even if the “expert’ tag signals admins trust. 

When asked whether there are any other methods that can be used to guarantee that Group Experts give correct information, according to a Facebook representative, the business has developed procedures for dealing with disinformation on the network, such as the use of third-party fact-checkers and limiting the circulation of information that has been reported as deceptive. Members may always report inappropriate information to the group’s administrators, they said.

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