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Facebook is discovering new ways to identify users below the age of 13


Last Updated on 02/08/2021 by Riya

Following the number of Facebook accounts belonging to children below the age of 13, Facebook is planning to explore ways to prevent children below the age of 13 from using Facebook, with the help of artificial intelligence technology. According to the tech giant, Facebook and Instagram were not created for children below the age of 13 but still, several minors are using the platforms freely that’s why measures to prevent minors from registering into its platforms are necessary.

As per the statement of a person familiar with the matter “Facebook is exploring new approaches using artificial intelligence technology to identify and eliminate below 13 year old’s accounts”. Along with this Facebook is also working on a new application solely made for children under the age of 13 to offer an age-appropriate and parent-managed platform as according to the company it is the correct solution to prevent children from using Facebook and Instagram.

Although, the company may have to work hard to meet the needs of today’s age’s children to attract them towards its platform. Facebook too is collaborating with operating system (OS) suppliers, web browsers, and other network operators to share data that will aid apps in determining the real age of its users. Several people are not in favor of using artificial intelligence to identify a user’s age and are criticizing this step taken by tech giants although according to Facebook numerous teenagers still may not have ID cards, hence, gathering ID’s isn’t a balanced or efficient solution to identify a user’s real age.

Although, let me tell you that the platform presently prompted the users to the page where they can add their birth year, date, and month while creating a Facebook account. This step is referred to as an age screening. However, determining someone’s age is a difficult task as many kids can successfully hide their actual age using different tactics.

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