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Facebook is expected to update a “thread” feature on its platform, allowing public figures to group all the posts into a single thread.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Facebook has been testing a new feature that allows public figures to group all the new updates related to their past posts in a single thread. This feature enables users to quickly locate the most recent update to previously published posts. When any public figure’s new post is updated, the content will be displayed alongside previously posted content. Matt Navarra, a social media consultant, shared the news with his followers, along with a screenshot of the feature explaining how the feature exactly works.

However, currently, Facebook made this feature available only for the limited “public figures” on the platform. Facebook, on the other hand, stated that the feature was being tested for a limited time. According to Facebook, threaded posts will be displayed within a “View Post Thread” option, which followers could use to read posts connected to a specific topic. However, Facebook has not confirmed the exact date of releasing the feature for a large audience.

Instead of editing a post, the people can directly add a post to the related thread. This feature is already available on Twitter, where it is not possible to write a long post due to the restricted word limit, and Inspired by Twitter the Facebook has also decided to update this feature on its platform. The “Thread” feature might be very beneficial for journalists or government officials sharing new updates regarding a specific event, allowing them to combat misinformation circulated on Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook is also vigorously working to encourage independent writers and journalists to grow, and to accomplish this dream recently, Facebook had also announced to launch a group of publishing and subscription tools “Bulletin” for the independent writers and journalists in the US. Under this feature, the independent writers and journalists are allowed to post and share the free and paid newsletters to Facebook as well as on the web.

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