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Facebook’s new professional profiles provide creators access to tools that help them build their audiences.


Last Updated on 14/12/2021 by Ulka

Facebook is introducing a professional mode for profiles, which will allow artists to use extra revenue techniques. In addition, the new mode allows creators access to services that help them track their audience’s growth, which was previously only available with Pages.

When the professional mode is activated, creators can participate in the Reels Play bonus programme. In September, Reels, Instagram’s short-form video tool, was made available on Facebook. Creators can earn up to $35,000 per month through the bonus scheme, which is based on how many views their Reels receive. However, not all creators are eligible for the programme; it is currently invite-only, and in order to qualify, creators must adhere to Meta’s Partner Monetization Policies.

Furthermore, Facebook says it’s working on additional complex editing tools for Reels, such as an easier way to make a Reel out of many clips and the ability to save your Reel as a draught while you’re editing it. On Facebook, the network is also considering increasing the time limit of Reels from 30 seconds to one minute, while only Instagram now supports one-minute Reels.

Facebook's new professional profiles let creators unlock audience-growing  tools - The Verge

Professional option unlocks audience, post, and profile details outside of Reels, allowing producers to keep track of their profile’s activities. Creators may see how their follower count has evolved over time as well as the overall number of shares, comments, and responses they’ve received on their posts.

Enabling professional mode, similar to Pages, makes all of your material public and allows anybody to view and follow your profile. However, according to Meta, you may still make specific postings available just to your pals. Professional mode is now only available in the United States, but Meta promises that more nations will be included “in the next months.”

Facebook just launched the Stars store, a dedicated website for purchasing Stars — the virtual currency that users can buy with real money and use to tip authors — only yesterday. While Stars can be purchased within the Facebook app, they are available at a reduced price through Facebook’s new store. The platform could be attempting to persuade users to buy Stars on the company’s web-based Stars shop, avoiding Apple’s 30% commission on sales made through third-party iOS apps.

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