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Google introduced a new update to curb fake information on its search engine.


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Google has updated its search platform to deliver accurate information to users; nowadays, most people rely on Google Search to obtain information on a topic; from searching for hotels to purchasing homes to reading articles, Google Search has all the information. However, not all information on Google is accurate, as various fake information sources are sometimes purposely published to mislead people. However, in order to resolve such issues, Google has added a new update that allows users to spot fake content on the search engine.

The search engine will now notify users whether the articles showing on the results page are trustworthy or not, allowing them to determine whether or not they should believe the information. This feature was recently announced by Google in a blog post. According to google “The main goal of introducing this feature is to prevent the spread of incorrect information on the search engine”. While searching for information on a particular topic, the user will find an option called ‘About this Result Panel,’ which will notify users about the sources of the information they’ve obtained on the search engine, assuring them that the information they’ve received is correct and reliable.

Furthermore, if users wish to learn more about breaking news on a search engine, Google will share more links about the news with them if a follow-up to an earlier event is shown in the search results. If no article connected to the news has been shared previously, Google will notify the user that the information about the topic is changing quickly.

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