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Google now syncs your debit card without sync permission


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It’s now quite easier to shop stuff online, but that is not always a good thing. In a way, Chrome can now boost you up to shop things online by auto-filling your payment details.

Earlier, users used to have to sync their browsers to access those details on all their devices, though- until now, it is. So, as long as the user is logged into a Google account when he/she first type out his/her payment details on Chrome, there will be access provided across devices, even if the browser sync feature is switched off.

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When you have an option to use your card saved to your Google account, you’d be asked only about your card’s CVC to confirm. Of course, it’ll only work if you also sign-in to your account on the other device you are using. Users can also delete the cards under Payments and Subscriptions in their Google Account page if they don’t want to risk their CC details.

Using this new feature doesn’t turn on Chrome sync. And if users prefer to save their payment methods only locally on their device, they can still do that: Add your card in Chrome Settings > Payment Methods > Add. And when the user signs into any Google website, he/she will also be signed into Chrome with the same account. The user can turn off “Allow Chrome sign-in” altogether in settings.

Even if you wish to save a new card to your account, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Google Pay with additional information.

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But the intention behind this Chrome update is to deliver services as quickly and safely as possible, whether you are completing a search, viewing a website, or making a purchase. This new feature is just one more way of improving the experience for everyone.

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