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Google to allow third-party payment alternatives on its app store, how will it benefit app developers?


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

Google promises to add third party payment alternatives to its app store in South Korea. Currently, users are only allowed to make payments on the play store via google’s official payment method.

The changes took place to comply with the new rules enforced by the South Korean government this year. According to the present rules the app developers need to pay only 15% service fee to Google, earlier the developers were mandated to pay at least 30% service fee to Google.

However, after getting a lot of backlashes and government intervention Google decided to pull back their policy. In response to the criticism, Google earlier clarified,

“We took this measure to make our payment platform secure for users as our billing system is safer as compared to third-party billing systems”

Ebooks and music streaming apps have got the most relief from this rule because now only 10 percent will have to be paid as service fee. Apart from that, after adding alternative payment mode app developers needs to pay only an 11% service fee to Google, on the other hand, the fee for the eBook and music streaming app will also reduce to 6%.

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