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Google unveils a new AI-powered technology to transform pixelated photographs into high-resolution images


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Riya

The use of Artificial intelligence is increasing day by day, almost every major tech company uses artificial intelligence in their inventions, and image generation is one of the areas where artificial intelligence is used the most. That’s why Google has released an Intelligence picture upscaling technique to improve the clarity of poor-quality images.

Everyone wants to capture a good quality images, so that they can simply post it to their social media accounts. Although, some times images taken by a Smartphone are not up to the mark, hence to make it perfect we’ve to edit it in the photo editor app yet not all applications guarantees to produce a high resolution images.

Although, Google use two diffusion methods named Image Super-Resolution 3 and Cascade Diffusion to produce high definition pictures. According to a recent study conducted by Google’s Artificial Intelligence section, recent improvements in this area enable to produce an outstanding picture.

The company’s machine learning technology can scale photographs of any resolution to extract unique information. Google employs a broadcast approach to resize photographs, It’s a creative approach that was first implemented in 2015, however, Google has recently found it beneficial.

The system can simply carry a poor image and immediately convert it to a significantly greater resolution image using AI technology. Google went one step farther and can expand the image much larger with the help of additional AI technology. The feature is not only helpful in enhancing personal photographs but it also helps in enhancing images used for business purposes.

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