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Google’s cloud storage platform has Apple as its biggest user


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sanskriti

The quantity of data kept in Google’s “clouds” has risen considerably thanks to Apple. The IT giant’s requirements are quickly expanding, and its existing server infrastructure can no longer meet these demands. We don’t know if Apple’s data centers are fast running out of space, or if the company chooses to outsource data storage to third parties.

The fact is that it almost costs around $300 million to Apple to utilize Google’s cloud, according to the Information. Apple recently raised the amount of data held by Google by 470 petabytes, bringing the total amount to 8 exabytes in November last year. To put things in perspective, one exabyte is enough to store a video call that lasts up to over 237,000 years.

Google now considers the firm to be its largest enterprise cloud, storage user. Apple, according to reports, even has a name that reflects its size: Bigfoot, within Google. 

In November, the business added 470 petabytes, nearly matching Google’s second-largest client, Tik-Tok owner ByteDance. Apple has also gotten a great bargain. According to estimates made using a Google calculator, it would cost $ 218 million per month to store 8 exabytes. This quantity of data costs Apple only $ 300 million each year.

It’s unclear when Apple’s demand for Google cloud services increased so dramatically. It appears that renting memory rather than building data centers is more cost-effective or Apple just does not have the resources to do it due to the deluge of new information.

TikTok is Google’s second cloud storage customer, having signed a deal for roughly 500 petabytes.

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