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Hackers from ‘Black Shadow’ breach data from an Israeli LGBTQ app


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Sunaina

On Saturday night, the hacking organisation “Black Shadow” exposed data from many Israeli firms, including the LGBTQ dating service “Atraf,” the Dan transport company, and the Pegasus tour booking website.

Following similar threats, they exposed data from the Kavim bus app earlier in the day justifying that by saying “They did not contact us …So first data is here.” On Saturday afternoon, Kavim issued a statement stating that they were aware of the security problem. “As soon as we learned about the event, we called the Transport Ministry, the Cyber Security Headquarters, and engaged external experts in the field…to conduct a thorough, professional, and impartial investigation into the situation.”

They also apologized to their consumers for disclosing their personal information and stated that they would endeavour to prevent similar events from occurring in the future.

The organisation declared on Friday that they had hacked into the servers of the Israeli Internet provider Cyberserve, swiftly shutting them down and threatening to release data. Cyberserve is a web hosting provider, which means it provides servers and data storage to businesses of all sizes. The Iranian hackers obtained data from a broad range of companies, including travel booking website Pegasus, the Dan bus operator, and even the Israeli Children’s Museum.

Hackers from 'Black Shadow' breach data from an Israeli LGBTQ app 1

Cyberserve, among other things, is responsible for the development of “Atraf,” an LGBTQ dating site that has been offline since early Saturday, prompting worries that hackers may have access to sensitive information, potentially exposing sensitive information of site members.

The Black Shadow hackers have yet to reveal the troves of data they claim to have, despite the websites compromised have been down since the incident was reported, as the hackers disabled their clients’ websites by turning off the Cyberserve servers.

Israel and Iran have traded blows in the cyberspace domain as part of their ongoing disagreements and skirmishes. The Black Shadow assault comes only three days after an Iranian gas station was targeted by a hack that rendered gas pumps inoperable. In May 2020, Israel apparently attacked Iran’s Shahid Rajaee Port in retaliation for an attempted Iranian cyber attack on Israel’s water delivery infrastructure the previous month.

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