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Hackers get their hands on sensitive data of Apple iCloud users


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Reportedly, authorities in the US have arrested a man for hacking into the Apple iCloud server. As per the reports of Tech Radar, the hacker is Hao Kuo Chi, a resident of California, who with his fellow friends carried out this conspiracy and got access and then stole the intimate and personal data of several iCloud users.

As per the sources, the attacker got its hands on more than three hundred Apple customers in the US and has impacted the user’s data as far ago as 2014.

According to the reports of Times of India, as per the document from the US Department of Justice, Chi “specifically sought out nude photographs and videos of young women” once he broke into the accounts. He then traded these with other “conspirators”, some of whom later leaked the pictures and videos of the public domain.

Apparently, he used a very clever technique to carry on with this hacking. Chi used a number of fake email accounts to pretend to be an Apple customer care executive and by this, he was able to obtain the login credentials of the Apple iCloud users.

It has also been reported that he used 1 TB of cloud storage to store the hacked pictures and video clips. The amount of data in numbers is still unknwon.

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