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How has Abcbot been targeting Linux?


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Reportedly, a new kind of botnet called Abcbot has been observed in the dark web world. According to the sources, this botnet has some worm-like propagation features to infect Linux systems. The main target of the botnet is to launch malicious denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on the devices.

It has also been figured out that Abcbot has been on market since July 2021 and has been updating itself ever since, with the latest version reported in October 2021. This botnet mainly targets systems and web servers with wear passwords, which makes it easier for the botnet to deploy the DDoS attack.

Researchers also say that to date, six versions of this botnet have been observed and reported.

Netlab’s findings also build on a report from Trend Micro early last month, which publicized attacks targeting Huawei Cloud with cryptocurrency mining and crypto-jacking malware.

The intrusions were also notable for the fact that the malicious shell scripts specifically disabled a process designed to monitor and scan the servers for security issues as well as reset users’ passwords to the Elastic cloud service.

According to the reports of The Hacker News

Even though Abcbot is new in the market, its results and implications are threatening and it can harm the web servers continuously if not taken care of at the proper time. The botnet has been updating itself at a very fast pace and the organizations need to be prepared to face any kind of consequences relating to it.

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